Many people considers dent removing a difficult and an expensive procedure and that's the reason they don't even try to remove dents on their car by themselves. In fact they are content to pay expensive bills to body repair shops. If we analyze, dents on a car are not such a big deal. Your car can be cleaned from these mishaps domestically and the budget would not even go beyond your reach too. One of the economical method of dent removal is using Dry Ice.

Where to buy dry ice?
Dry ice is available at almost every super store. It does not cost too much as well. You can buy dry ice at almost $2. This is sure a pretty nominal amount and becomes even immaterial when it comes to your beloved car's beauty where the only thing hampering its hot looks and restricting it to be a really pimped up is the small dent which is apparent to the whole world. Guess what using dry ice is a paintless dent repairing process and does not harm your car's paint. Remember, using dry ice is only good for small dents and not for big ones. It can be used following these steps.

  1. Wear protective gloves before you hold the dry ice in your hands. Your hands may be vulnerable to extremely freezing dry ice.
  2. Put the dry ice on the dent. The more accurate you are in putting the ice at the center, the better it is.
  3. Hold right there for few seconds. 5-10 seconds are usually advised.
  4. Remove the ice. The dent would still be there. It won't pop out immediately. Allow some time. A minute or so and the dent will pop out automatically.
  5. If the dent is still there even after some minutes, apply the same above process again until the dent disappears.
  6. When the dent is removed, clean the area with a piece of cloth.
The above process is as easy as it seems. watch the video below as well so that you are even more clear.


Projector Headlights said...

My rear bumper got dented a few weeks ago not knowing the culprit of whoever the hit and run crony was. The dry ice surely did a lot of help with the dent and got it fixed right away.

Muhammed Khan said...

It's really nice to hear that the Dry Ice helped. It's encouraging.

Jean Lou Laborte said...

This is a nice blog that can provide you in professional detailing.. Thanks for posting!

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