Spoked cart wheels inspired, TRU spoke wire wheels

It's been long since many classic cars were used to mounted with TRU spoke wire wheels. They were darling wheels of the masses. Many American  GM  cars and old models of BMW and Mercedes use to have them but now they are extinct. Many classic car lovers have not forgot 1953 Corvette (Recreation), 1983 DUESENBERG II SJ LA GRANDE, 1929 MERCEDES-BENZ BEAR CAT REPLICA e.t.c and many other classic roadsters all having Wire Wheels on them. But now no more car manufacturers fit TRU spoke wire wheels in their cars. The inspirations these kind of wheels should have been spoked cart wheels. Ever seen the wheels on the cart?

Wire wheels are the wheels in which it's spoke. That is a rod attaches from the center of a rim's hub to the outer rim. It appears as a whole dense network of spokes on a wheel. Numerous spokes provided a great structural strength to the whole wheel.

However these wheels are still used in bicycles and motor cycles but their role in the car wheel is not any more unless a vintage car enthusiast customize them on their wheels.

The reason for these kind of wheels getting out of fashion is of course the change of taste. Like any other thing, fashion or trend also has its life. These were popular specially in the decade of 60's and they lived until 90's. In 1960's even the sports cars have these wheels mounted over them.

The advantage of wired wheels was that the damaged wheel could be repaired without the need of getting it dismantled from the car. Bring the wheel into shape and then re lace additional spokes in to the wheel thus giving back the wheel whole new look. Since as spokes steel, copper or other metal used was in the form of thick wires, they used to be lighter than other wheels.

TRU spoke wire rims were not without any disadvantage like any other thing. They were very difficult to get cleaned as navigation through the whole dense network of wires was difficult. I guess that was the only demerit of it.

However if you are really a fan of these wheels don't get disappointed. As the history repeats itself, so does any trend. Spoke wire wheels on cars are very trendy in hip hop videos now a days. A hit movie where the hero drives with these wheels on his car can really do the trick in favor of these rims. Who knows!!!


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CGS intake said...

They've been around for like ever, optional on Buicks in the early fifties,
Caddy and Chrysler had there own spoke and hub style. It's more a matter of when Weren't they in style.

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