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Mercedes Benz India is planning to launch another car in India this year. This time it will be compact sedan car that carries the name as Mercedes Benz CLA. This car has already made it to the Detroit Motor show and now it is all set to enter the domestic markets of India to compete with its German Rival BMW. The company sources have already confirmed that they will be launching the vehicle in India and hence, we can expect that the vehicle will arrive in domestic markets of India soon. This new model CLA is based on the MFA platform (Modular Front Architecture), which is also shared with the Mercedes A Class hatchback. 
Mercedes Benz CLA

The company is offering a standard engine with a petrol and diesel engine options in the international markets. Many of the market experts are assuming that the company is launching CLA class vehicle with standard trim in order to sell large number of volumes in the market. At present Mercedes Benz cars have lost their top slot in the Indian markets due to which, the company is now focusing on the improving the sales of the company. As far as Mercedes Benz CLA is concerned, it is a car with stunning appearance as we can see in the Mercedes Benz CLA pictures. 
CLA Grille View

On the other hand, the company is promising that the car will be much affordable than the rest of the models. However, the company hasn't revealed anything about the Mercedes Benz CLA price at the moment but soon it will be disclosed for the car enthusiasts. When it comes to the specifications of this upcoming car, it is blessed with 2.0 liter turbo charged petrol engine and with a 2.2 liter diesel engine. The petrol engine has the maximum power output of about 208Bhp and 350Nm of peak torque, where as the diesel engine has the ability to generate 167Bhp of maximum power and 350Nm of maximum torque. However, both these engines are equipped with a 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission gearbox. 
Mercedes Benz CLA

When it comes to the Mercedes Benz CLA features, it is loaded with ample amount of luxurious features. When it comes to the most important appearance part, the car definitely has a stylish look better than any other Mercedes car in its class. This compact sedan car from Mercedes is expected to carry a price tag of under Rs. 25.0 lakh, which will be very competitive in the Indian markets. There is no information about the official launch date of Mercedes Benz CLA at the moment but soon the company will be launching by the end of first quarter of 2013.

 Indian automotive industry has been continuously rising, some new companies are continuously entering the Indian car market. Recently company which made the entrance in Indian car market is Renault, the French auto giant. Some New cars have been launched by the company in the Indian car market like Renault Duster the SUV and Renault Pulse a hatchback these two cars are doing pretty good in the market. In fact Duster has been pretty much loved by the Indian customer and is its performance outstanding in the country.

Renault Duster

Some luxurious companies have also made their way towards the company. Indian car market had been a continuous target for all the foreign companies India is the largest car market all over the world. We can also call the Indian car market by the name of hatchback car market. If we go as per the sales figure of our country we would notice that majority of sales include hatchback cars. We can also see that almost every company in the country is offering its hatchback, in recent introductions Pulse was launched by Renault motors with an objective to maintain a grip on the Indian car market.
Audi Q5

Some latest new car models were also launched by the companies in the country recently , yesterday only the German manufacturer, Audi launched the facelift version of its most saleable SUV in India the Audi Q5, Audi Q5 was proved to be a good decision by company to launch the car in country. Q5 was launched back in 2008 and since then car is continuously boosting the sales of company. Another latest new cars which are expected to be launched in the country in 2013 are Ford EcoSport in the SUV segment. One of the biggest luxury car manufacturer Jaguar motors which is a subsidiary of Indian company Tata Motors has planned to launch Jaguar XF S2.2 in the country which would be cheaper and more fuel economical as compared to the Jaguar cars which are already running on the Indian roads.

Ford Ecosport

Major reason due to which car would be cheaper is that this time car would be imported in the country via CKD route (completely knocked down) which will save lots of duties, which usually car has to go through so we can say that due to less price car will help the company to gain India's market share.

Maruti WagonR

And lots of new car models are also expected to be launched in the country like it has been said that Maruti WagonR facelift would be launched in the country on 15th or 16th of January 2013. some other luxury cars are also expected to be launched in the country like Mercedes G63 AMG and facelift version of Mercedes E class.

 About the Author : This post is written by guest author on new cars with good features and specifications.

The pressures that heavy traffic puts on the human body are intense. There many negative aspects of being stuck in traffic, from the wear and tear on your motor vehicle, to the strain on your physical and psychological health.

Highway Traffic Jam

If your first instinct in traffic jam is to roll down the windows, think again. This might be the worst idea possible in heavy traffic. Automobiles and semi trucks pump out tons of exhaust filled with harmful chemicals, and when hundreds of cars are left to idle in a relatively small area this can fill your breathing air with harmful toxins and chemicals. These can include serious health hazards like lead, cadmium, and carbon monoxide, just to name a few.

So is the answer then to roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioning? Maybe not, because the air inside a vehicle can be even worst in the summer, when the sun turns a car into a glass greenhouse. Air conditioning helps, but the highly processed air from the air conditioner causes some problems at the same time that it solves others.

Another major problem with getting stuck in rush hour is that there are no water or bathroom breaks. Sometimes a traffic ordeal can last multiple hours, which is much too long to go without a rest stop. This is not just uncomfortable and distracting, it is bad for the health. Waste products build up in the bloodstream, and the bladder is strained and stretched more than it should be. This can even cause health problems further down the road. It is necessary to relieve oneself, even when traffic makes it inconvenient. In this scenario, women are forced to pull over for a mandatory break, or they have to suffer through it. Since no one knows how long traffic can last, that may be for a long time. Men have similar options, but they also have one other choice. They can carry a travel urinal for men, so that they can do their business without leaving the car. It is not healthy or natural for either sex to have to hold it. Men are lucky to have a choice.

Road rage is another problem that can negatively affect a driver in heavy traffic. Driving very slowly through heavy traffic forces the driver to remain in a state of attention and frustrated expectation, which can end in a sort of panic if pushed over the edge. Trapped in the heat, surrounded by metal on all sides, it is easy for someone to lose their temper. It is important to always remember that we are not stuck in traffic; we are traffic. “ There are many health risks associated with heavy traffic commuting such as psychological lashing out, stressful behavior. Keep your cool, take a break when you need it, and do not let the highway get to you.

2013 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki India limited, the India's largest car manufacturer has recently launched the facelift of its amazing hatchback Maruti Suzuki WagonR facelift. The company has launched the car in India on 15th January. The company has already discontinued the existing variants and opened the bookings for the upcoming car. People who are looking to purchase the 2013 facelift Maruti Suzuki Wagon R can place their booking by paying an amount of Rs. 10,000/- at the authorized Maruti cars dealer. When it comes to the modification and changes of this tall boy, it is receiving a much smaller grille with a single horizon slate instead of two that is present in the outgoing model. With Maruti Suzuki’s emblem placed over it. Now the upcoming car will be getting a larger air dam than the one given in the existing variant. The fog lamps are placed differently, which is giving much better and bigger front fascia. Apart from these the rest of the exterior remains to be the same as existing variant. Car has got some interior upgrades too. This hatchback has got all new dual tone dash board in all the variants of the car wheras if we take a look at LX and LXi variant of the car they have got dual tone seats too. Even the top variant of the car is been upgraded with “ Eagle Wings” audio system with USB support.

2013 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The Maruti Suzuki WagonR price is Rs. 3.58 lakh for the base variant of the car, 2013 Maruti WagonR is available for the customers in six different amazing color options. Dealers of the Maruti cars have opened bookings for this upcoming car and the interested customers can pre-order for this tall boy in order to be the first to drive 2013 Wagon R. This car is expected to come to the markets with diesel fuel option but there is no official word from the company yet. We are expecting that the diesel variant of the car will be tagged at a price range of Rs 5.50 lakhs. Wagon R was one of the most popular Maruti Cars in India as it is cost effective, fuel efficient, comfortable and high performing vehicle. It is the best suited car for all Indian families. Spending money on this car will return complete value for money.

About The Author:

This post is written by Shweta Agarwal who has written on Maruti Suzuki WagonR. The company has recently launched the hatchback car, WagonR with great price and features.

In case you are interested in purchasing a new car which is not too expensive, has all the modern features that an efficient new car should have and is comfortable and nice looking then you might consider purchasing one of the best options presented in the market by Volkswagen– Polo 1.6 classic. Volkswagen is a car manufacturer which started producing its first cars back in the 1930s. That makes it a company that has been providing great machines for a long time, so you can be sure that by buying one of their cars, you won’t waste your money for nothing. It’s actually the opposite!

Volkswagen has many quite famous models such as the Golf, the Polo and the Passat. The Polo classic model, however, was released in April 1996. This model can be found almost everywhere and comes with three different sizes of the engine – 1.9 diesel, 1.6 and 1.4. But let’s get into the advantages that the Polo 1.6 classic has.

First of all, it is a car that has great looks. Of course, this is quite subjective as some people might find it ugly and some can be indifferent to it. Generally, if you like the design of the Polo cars then you will surely find this one to your liking. It is just like the Polo standard however, it has the boot sticking out from behind. The design removes a bit of the sporty look that this series is known for and puts a little bit of seriousness, making it more like a family car. The car has four doors and comes with a really great interior, which will surely make you feel comfortable inside.

Polo 1.6 classic has many advantages in addition to the larger space for storage provided by the boot. The car comes with the common extras such as central locking, electric windows and a wheel which has the power steering option. One of the greatest benefits of this car is its price. It is completely affordable and in case you search for deals for a while you are surely going to find it really cheap. The initial price of the Polo 1.6 classic isn’t the only thing about it. These models are quite efficient and fuel-wise and in the long term will surely show you the difference between them and other brands.

The tax for this car is a bit high given the fact that the car isn't last year’s model, but it really is not that big of a deal as the difference is not that significant.

The car is quite reliable and will surely be there for you in all the different types of weather. Driving the car is a great experience which you will like a lot. It accelerates quite fast and has excellent steering, which makes hard maneuvers look easy. The top speed is not that high given that the car is not the latest model, but is still more than 80 mph. Polo 1.6 is a great option for a car you should consider it seriously.

Renault Duster - SUV Prices

Renault Duster is proving to be the most successful SUV for the French automaker Renault. It is not just a successful SUV for the company but is the successful SUV in the global markets. This car continues to boost the sales of the company across the global markets, especially in India, where it has received an overwhelming response. According to the stats, Renault India has achieved the sales of over 35,000 units in the fiscal year 2012 in which, December 2012 sales stood at a whooping 5924 units. This is undoubtedly a great achievement for the company compared to the sales of 1401 units in 2011 in between June and December.

In the past one year, Renault has added few more models to its Indian portfolio by launching Renault Pulse and others that helped it to get a decent market share in India. Renault not just launched new models in India but it has also established dealerships across the country that helped to achieve this sales margin. It has established over a 100 dealership points in India in just 18 months time.

The managing director of the Renault India has expressed his complete satisfaction towards the company's growth in the fiscal year 2012. Out of 5924 units of sales in December 2012, Renault Duster itself contributed 4485 units to the company's sales, which explains about the demand and craze for this SUV. Now this vehicle is about to get new features such as 4WD, which will further help it to become one of the most popular Renault cars in the markets. At present, the variants of this car is coming with 1.5 liter diesel engine and 1.6 liter petrol engine that provides ample number of options to its customers.

What really impressive about this SUV is that it has a great fuel efficiency of 20.46Kmpl (with diesel fuel option) and 13.24Kmpl (with petrol fuel option). When it comes to the engine specifications, the diesel engine has the displacement capacity of 1461cc that generates 107.8 Bhp of maximum power and 248Nm of torque. On the other hand, petrol engine has the displacement of about 1598cc that delivers 102Bhp of maximum power and 145Nm of maximum torque. Renault Duster features will depend upon its variants. At present Renault Duster price starts at just Rs. 7.53 lakh, which is far more than attractive. However, it provides seating for only 5 members, which is a bit disappointing. When it comes to the appearance, it has got compact SUV appearance with sporty body as we can see in the Renault Duster pictures. It would be good to spend money on this SUV as it would return complete value for money.

About the Author : 

This post is written by guest author who writes on automobiles, technology. Renault Duster is the best sucessfull SUV in auto market, 2012 year. It has increased the profit for Renault Company.

Car Restoration Tools

Car restoration can be a very satisfying weekend hobby that can also become a lucrative side business. But in order to be able to have a car restoration project result in an enjoyable rather than a frustrating experience, it's important to have at least three essential tools handy before you begin any project.

Impact Wrench

The nuts, bolts and lugs attached to any vehicle, much less a vintage vehicle that may have been sitting around unused for years, will take some muscle power to be removed during the course of the restoration process. For safe and quick removal of any of these fasteners, make sure you have a good quality impact wrench. This piece of equipment, also known as a torque gun or air wrench, enables you to remove lugs, nuts and bolts using minimal physical exertion. They are available in sizes ranging from one-quarter inch up to three and a half inches.

Angle Grinder

The second essential tool to have handy when doing car restoration is an angle grinder. This hand-held power tool is essential for cutting, grinding and polishing metal during the restoration process. Some models can also be fitted with a sanding disc in order to serve double duty as a sander.

Oscillating Saw

The third essential car restoration project tool is an oscillating saw, also called a reciprocating saw because its cutting action is facilitated by a push and pull motion of the blades. Its fast side to side motion makes a quick job of cutting through thick metal as well as being able to do reach into tight spots where cutting action is needed. Cordless models give you even more flexibility and it's a good idea to invest in an oscillating saw that features alternate blades as well as sanding pads for even more versatility.

Before starting any car restoration project, make sure your jack and stands for lifting the vehicle off the ground are sturdy and reliable so you are completely safe anytime you are working under the vehicle. A reliable creeper also lets you move around underneath the car much more easily. An air compressor is a smart investment, since tools such as impact wrenches and grinders need this to provide adequate power.

Depending upon the complexity of your car restoration project, the tools you currently own may not be optimal for your needs. So take inventory before you begin and do a little online research to judge whether the essential tools mentioned above offer you the features and capabilities you'll need for your particular project. If you're a car restoration novice, ask other buddies who have more experience to recommend those specific tool models they give high performance ratings to and check out online product reviews to determine their ease of use and performance before purchasing them.

Author Bio

Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and is currently promoting Multi Tool Blades. She enjoys restoring cars and often blogs about it. In her free time she enjoys road trips with her husband.