In case you are interested in purchasing a new car which is not too expensive, has all the modern features that an efficient new car should have and is comfortable and nice looking then you might consider purchasing one of the best options presented in the market by Volkswagen– Polo 1.6 classic. Volkswagen is a car manufacturer which started producing its first cars back in the 1930s. That makes it a company that has been providing great machines for a long time, so you can be sure that by buying one of their cars, you won’t waste your money for nothing. It’s actually the opposite!

Volkswagen has many quite famous models such as the Golf, the Polo and the Passat. The Polo classic model, however, was released in April 1996. This model can be found almost everywhere and comes with three different sizes of the engine – 1.9 diesel, 1.6 and 1.4. But let’s get into the advantages that the Polo 1.6 classic has.

First of all, it is a car that has great looks. Of course, this is quite subjective as some people might find it ugly and some can be indifferent to it. Generally, if you like the design of the Polo cars then you will surely find this one to your liking. It is just like the Polo standard however, it has the boot sticking out from behind. The design removes a bit of the sporty look that this series is known for and puts a little bit of seriousness, making it more like a family car. The car has four doors and comes with a really great interior, which will surely make you feel comfortable inside.

Polo 1.6 classic has many advantages in addition to the larger space for storage provided by the boot. The car comes with the common extras such as central locking, electric windows and a wheel which has the power steering option. One of the greatest benefits of this car is its price. It is completely affordable and in case you search for deals for a while you are surely going to find it really cheap. The initial price of the Polo 1.6 classic isn’t the only thing about it. These models are quite efficient and fuel-wise and in the long term will surely show you the difference between them and other brands.

The tax for this car is a bit high given the fact that the car isn't last year’s model, but it really is not that big of a deal as the difference is not that significant.

The car is quite reliable and will surely be there for you in all the different types of weather. Driving the car is a great experience which you will like a lot. It accelerates quite fast and has excellent steering, which makes hard maneuvers look easy. The top speed is not that high given that the car is not the latest model, but is still more than 80 mph. Polo 1.6 is a great option for a car you should consider it seriously.


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