The pressures that heavy traffic puts on the human body are intense. There many negative aspects of being stuck in traffic, from the wear and tear on your motor vehicle, to the strain on your physical and psychological health.

Highway Traffic Jam

If your first instinct in traffic jam is to roll down the windows, think again. This might be the worst idea possible in heavy traffic. Automobiles and semi trucks pump out tons of exhaust filled with harmful chemicals, and when hundreds of cars are left to idle in a relatively small area this can fill your breathing air with harmful toxins and chemicals. These can include serious health hazards like lead, cadmium, and carbon monoxide, just to name a few.

So is the answer then to roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioning? Maybe not, because the air inside a vehicle can be even worst in the summer, when the sun turns a car into a glass greenhouse. Air conditioning helps, but the highly processed air from the air conditioner causes some problems at the same time that it solves others.

Another major problem with getting stuck in rush hour is that there are no water or bathroom breaks. Sometimes a traffic ordeal can last multiple hours, which is much too long to go without a rest stop. This is not just uncomfortable and distracting, it is bad for the health. Waste products build up in the bloodstream, and the bladder is strained and stretched more than it should be. This can even cause health problems further down the road. It is necessary to relieve oneself, even when traffic makes it inconvenient. In this scenario, women are forced to pull over for a mandatory break, or they have to suffer through it. Since no one knows how long traffic can last, that may be for a long time. Men have similar options, but they also have one other choice. They can carry a travel urinal for men, so that they can do their business without leaving the car. It is not healthy or natural for either sex to have to hold it. Men are lucky to have a choice.

Road rage is another problem that can negatively affect a driver in heavy traffic. Driving very slowly through heavy traffic forces the driver to remain in a state of attention and frustrated expectation, which can end in a sort of panic if pushed over the edge. Trapped in the heat, surrounded by metal on all sides, it is easy for someone to lose their temper. It is important to always remember that we are not stuck in traffic; we are traffic. “ There are many health risks associated with heavy traffic commuting such as psychological lashing out, stressful behavior. Keep your cool, take a break when you need it, and do not let the highway get to you.


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