Indian automotive industry has been continuously rising, some new companies are continuously entering the Indian car market. Recently company which made the entrance in Indian car market is Renault, the French auto giant. Some New cars have been launched by the company in the Indian car market like Renault Duster the SUV and Renault Pulse a hatchback these two cars are doing pretty good in the market. In fact Duster has been pretty much loved by the Indian customer and is its performance outstanding in the country.

Renault Duster

Some luxurious companies have also made their way towards the company. Indian car market had been a continuous target for all the foreign companies India is the largest car market all over the world. We can also call the Indian car market by the name of hatchback car market. If we go as per the sales figure of our country we would notice that majority of sales include hatchback cars. We can also see that almost every company in the country is offering its hatchback, in recent introductions Pulse was launched by Renault motors with an objective to maintain a grip on the Indian car market.
Audi Q5

Some latest new car models were also launched by the companies in the country recently , yesterday only the German manufacturer, Audi launched the facelift version of its most saleable SUV in India the Audi Q5, Audi Q5 was proved to be a good decision by company to launch the car in country. Q5 was launched back in 2008 and since then car is continuously boosting the sales of company. Another latest new cars which are expected to be launched in the country in 2013 are Ford EcoSport in the SUV segment. One of the biggest luxury car manufacturer Jaguar motors which is a subsidiary of Indian company Tata Motors has planned to launch Jaguar XF S2.2 in the country which would be cheaper and more fuel economical as compared to the Jaguar cars which are already running on the Indian roads.

Ford Ecosport

Major reason due to which car would be cheaper is that this time car would be imported in the country via CKD route (completely knocked down) which will save lots of duties, which usually car has to go through so we can say that due to less price car will help the company to gain India's market share.

Maruti WagonR

And lots of new car models are also expected to be launched in the country like it has been said that Maruti WagonR facelift would be launched in the country on 15th or 16th of January 2013. some other luxury cars are also expected to be launched in the country like Mercedes G63 AMG and facelift version of Mercedes E class.

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