Car Restoration Tools

Car restoration can be a very satisfying weekend hobby that can also become a lucrative side business. But in order to be able to have a car restoration project result in an enjoyable rather than a frustrating experience, it's important to have at least three essential tools handy before you begin any project.

Impact Wrench

The nuts, bolts and lugs attached to any vehicle, much less a vintage vehicle that may have been sitting around unused for years, will take some muscle power to be removed during the course of the restoration process. For safe and quick removal of any of these fasteners, make sure you have a good quality impact wrench. This piece of equipment, also known as a torque gun or air wrench, enables you to remove lugs, nuts and bolts using minimal physical exertion. They are available in sizes ranging from one-quarter inch up to three and a half inches.

Angle Grinder

The second essential tool to have handy when doing car restoration is an angle grinder. This hand-held power tool is essential for cutting, grinding and polishing metal during the restoration process. Some models can also be fitted with a sanding disc in order to serve double duty as a sander.

Oscillating Saw

The third essential car restoration project tool is an oscillating saw, also called a reciprocating saw because its cutting action is facilitated by a push and pull motion of the blades. Its fast side to side motion makes a quick job of cutting through thick metal as well as being able to do reach into tight spots where cutting action is needed. Cordless models give you even more flexibility and it's a good idea to invest in an oscillating saw that features alternate blades as well as sanding pads for even more versatility.

Before starting any car restoration project, make sure your jack and stands for lifting the vehicle off the ground are sturdy and reliable so you are completely safe anytime you are working under the vehicle. A reliable creeper also lets you move around underneath the car much more easily. An air compressor is a smart investment, since tools such as impact wrenches and grinders need this to provide adequate power.

Depending upon the complexity of your car restoration project, the tools you currently own may not be optimal for your needs. So take inventory before you begin and do a little online research to judge whether the essential tools mentioned above offer you the features and capabilities you'll need for your particular project. If you're a car restoration novice, ask other buddies who have more experience to recommend those specific tool models they give high performance ratings to and check out online product reviews to determine their ease of use and performance before purchasing them.

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Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and is currently promoting Multi Tool Blades. She enjoys restoring cars and often blogs about it. In her free time she enjoys road trips with her husband.


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