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Renault Duster is proving to be the most successful SUV for the French automaker Renault. It is not just a successful SUV for the company but is the successful SUV in the global markets. This car continues to boost the sales of the company across the global markets, especially in India, where it has received an overwhelming response. According to the stats, Renault India has achieved the sales of over 35,000 units in the fiscal year 2012 in which, December 2012 sales stood at a whooping 5924 units. This is undoubtedly a great achievement for the company compared to the sales of 1401 units in 2011 in between June and December.

In the past one year, Renault has added few more models to its Indian portfolio by launching Renault Pulse and others that helped it to get a decent market share in India. Renault not just launched new models in India but it has also established dealerships across the country that helped to achieve this sales margin. It has established over a 100 dealership points in India in just 18 months time.

The managing director of the Renault India has expressed his complete satisfaction towards the company's growth in the fiscal year 2012. Out of 5924 units of sales in December 2012, Renault Duster itself contributed 4485 units to the company's sales, which explains about the demand and craze for this SUV. Now this vehicle is about to get new features such as 4WD, which will further help it to become one of the most popular Renault cars in the markets. At present, the variants of this car is coming with 1.5 liter diesel engine and 1.6 liter petrol engine that provides ample number of options to its customers.

What really impressive about this SUV is that it has a great fuel efficiency of 20.46Kmpl (with diesel fuel option) and 13.24Kmpl (with petrol fuel option). When it comes to the engine specifications, the diesel engine has the displacement capacity of 1461cc that generates 107.8 Bhp of maximum power and 248Nm of torque. On the other hand, petrol engine has the displacement of about 1598cc that delivers 102Bhp of maximum power and 145Nm of maximum torque. Renault Duster features will depend upon its variants. At present Renault Duster price starts at just Rs. 7.53 lakh, which is far more than attractive. However, it provides seating for only 5 members, which is a bit disappointing. When it comes to the appearance, it has got compact SUV appearance with sporty body as we can see in the Renault Duster pictures. It would be good to spend money on this SUV as it would return complete value for money.

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