Mercedes Benz India is planning to launch another car in India this year. This time it will be compact sedan car that carries the name as Mercedes Benz CLA. This car has already made it to the Detroit Motor show and now it is all set to enter the domestic markets of India to compete with its German Rival BMW. The company sources have already confirmed that they will be launching the vehicle in India and hence, we can expect that the vehicle will arrive in domestic markets of India soon. This new model CLA is based on the MFA platform (Modular Front Architecture), which is also shared with the Mercedes A Class hatchback. 
Mercedes Benz CLA

The company is offering a standard engine with a petrol and diesel engine options in the international markets. Many of the market experts are assuming that the company is launching CLA class vehicle with standard trim in order to sell large number of volumes in the market. At present Mercedes Benz cars have lost their top slot in the Indian markets due to which, the company is now focusing on the improving the sales of the company. As far as Mercedes Benz CLA is concerned, it is a car with stunning appearance as we can see in the Mercedes Benz CLA pictures. 
CLA Grille View

On the other hand, the company is promising that the car will be much affordable than the rest of the models. However, the company hasn't revealed anything about the Mercedes Benz CLA price at the moment but soon it will be disclosed for the car enthusiasts. When it comes to the specifications of this upcoming car, it is blessed with 2.0 liter turbo charged petrol engine and with a 2.2 liter diesel engine. The petrol engine has the maximum power output of about 208Bhp and 350Nm of peak torque, where as the diesel engine has the ability to generate 167Bhp of maximum power and 350Nm of maximum torque. However, both these engines are equipped with a 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission gearbox. 
Mercedes Benz CLA

When it comes to the Mercedes Benz CLA features, it is loaded with ample amount of luxurious features. When it comes to the most important appearance part, the car definitely has a stylish look better than any other Mercedes car in its class. This compact sedan car from Mercedes is expected to carry a price tag of under Rs. 25.0 lakh, which will be very competitive in the Indian markets. There is no information about the official launch date of Mercedes Benz CLA at the moment but soon the company will be launching by the end of first quarter of 2013.


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