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Are you looking for your car's spark plug replacement because the present spark plugs have wore off? I have an advice for you. This time try embedding in your car engine, iridium spark plugs. The advent of modern technology has also effected the cars as well and have made them much more efficient.Using iridium tips in spark plugs is also one of its dimensions. Iridium spark plugs has many advantages and it can really pimp your ride. Refer to my last article on how spark plugs can pimp your ride and how you can perform spark plug replacement.

Advantages Of Having Iridium Spark Plugs.

Before acquainting you about the advantages of iridium spark plugs, I want to make one thing clear. Spark plugs don't enhance the efficiency of the car beyond its limits but instead they make it more efficient according to the car's own potential. So clear your mind from any misconceptions that its only the spark plugs that will make your crawling ride in to a super fast car.

Now coming to the advantages of iridium spark plugs, they sure are durable and strong enough as compared to other conventional platinum tipped, spark plugs. Durability of iridium spark plugs can be compared as it has a life of almost 60, 000 miles where as the conventional will give you 20,000 to 40,000 miles. Of course because of the good quality of the element, the quality of spark is improved and gives a much better spark hence improving fuel efficiency.

The best thing about the iridium spark plug is that it wears off rather slowly as compared to platinum spark plugs. The reason is of course, iridium is much more durable than its "colleague" platinum. Besides this, the melting point of iridium is much more higher than platinum. The melting point of iridium is 4450 F where as that of platinum is almost 3216 F. That's a huge difference. Furthermore, iridium is 8 times more rigid than platinum where it can endure a pressure of 160 Kpsi as compared to platinum which can stand a pressure of not more than 20 Kpsi. Because of these qualities, the iridium spark plugs wear off much slowly as compared to those conventional spark plugs so you don't have a headache of replacing your spark plugs after some years.

Learning above attributes of iridium I bet you would go for high quality iridium spark plugs the very next time you perform your car's spark plug replacement.
reading spark plugs
If you really want to perform some car modification, the best thing is to first take care of your engine performance because car modification is not only about changing your car body kits and installing some sub woofers to add a groove in your sound. No car modification is completed if the car's performance is not state of the art. For this purpose, you may get many advice. I would specifically refer to changing your car's spark plugs and their impact on engine performance and how you can do some modifications either by some spark plugs replacement or spark plug gapping or choose the right spark plugs for your car by assessing and reading spark plugs requirements for your car.

Before getting into details I would just peek into the spark plug's functioning or how does a spark plug work. I know many of you car enthusiasts must know the purpose of spark plugs and how does a spark plug work. So I will not go into a detail.Just a quick review.

Purpose Of A Spark Plug, How Does A Spark Plug Work?

Spark plug actually causes an ignition through its ignition coil in the internal combustion chamber of the engine which creates a small spark. Search out for internal combustion engine fundamentals for more details. This spark when unites with the air and some drops of fuel, it creates a perfect combination for a small explosion. This small explosion creates a pressure which causes the pistons in the engine's cylinders to move and eventually creates a torque to move the cam shaft and ultimately the car starts to move. As simple as that.

So the purpose of a spark plug is integral in moving a car. Obviously if the spark is of not a good quality there would be implications on the car's engine performance so to perform some car modification pertaining to spark plugs, one has to make sure that the spark plug is of good quality which produces a better spark to ensure swift movement of a car.

Now coming to the spark plug modification or replacement, let us first analyze that what effects the performance of the spark plug. The spark plug's performance is effected by following factors.

1) Wear and Tear of spark plug.
2) The gap between central and ground electrode or spark plug gapping.
3) Voltage provided to create a spark.
4) Altitude and temperature of the location.

To alter the performance or efficiency of spark plugs, one should try to alter the above factors or if he is going to perform some spark plugs replacement he should keep the above factors in mind. Now let's see how the above mentioned factors effect the efficiency of a spark plug and how you can modify or use the above mentioned factors in better performance of spark plugs and ultimately of the car.
1) Wear And Tear Of Spark Plug.

Spark plugs have to go through series of small explosions in order to be functional thus making them more prone to wear and tear. So definitely a damaged spark plug or a spark plug having a lot of carbon deposited at its tip will not perform adequately. So make sure that spark plugs are always in a good condition in order for your car as whole to be efficient or perform well. Generally a spark plug's life is about 10,000 to 20,000 miles. However some manufacturers assemble spark plugs which have two or in other words multiple ground electrodes to enhance the life of a spark plug. But it has been observed that it has some implications on fuel injection of the car.

2) Spark Plug Gapping.

This is the most important factor of spark plugs performance. However people have different views about the spark plug gapping. Some say that the more the gap, the better is the spark. Where as some say that small gap is good as it requires small amount of voltage to create the spark. Normally a spark plug requires a very high voltage of about 40,000 to 100,000 volts to cover the gap. I am open here for suggestions. Tell me if you have any suggestions regarding this topic. However if you really want to make the spark plug gapping larger or smaller you can use a very fine nosed pliers as a spark plug gapper or spark plug gap tool. To enlarge the gap, pull the ground electrodes outwards using pliers. However be extremely cautious here and make sure you do not apply pressure on the center electrode or it may damage.If you want to make the gap smaller, gently tap the ground electrode on a hard surface. You can use a feeler guage to measure the gap between center and ground electrode.

3) Voltage Provided.

As described above spark plugs need a very high amount of voltage to create a spark so use a good quality car batteries to make sure that a voltage is provided to create the spark.

4) Altitude And Temperature Of The Location.

The altitude where your car operates and the temperature in which your car operates is crucial for the performance of your spark plugs. For this reason the spark plugs have been divided into two kind which are:

a) Hot Spark Plugs:

Hot spark plugs are spark plugs in which the surface area of ceramic exhaust coating contacts less with the metal part of the spark plug thus exhausting less heat. I am saying the ceramic insulator as an exhaust because the ceramic insulator coating works as a heat exhaust. So hot spark plugs are good in low performing cars or in cold areas. Similarly they are good at high altitude areas where oxygen is less to burn the fuel.

b) Cold Spark Plugs:

These spark plugs have larger surface area of ceramic insulator coating thus exhausting more heat and keeping the spark plugs cold. You can have a look at the image of spark plugs structure for spark plug cross reference. Cold spark plugs are best for high performance engines or turbo charged engines. If you are looking forward for engine upgrades then I reckon you should also pay some consideration towards your spark plug replacement.

spark plug replacement

Above mentioned factors are helpful in assessing and reading spark plugs requirements for your car. You may have come to know how spark plug can be modified by changing spark plugs gapping as well as what spark plugs would be better for your car's specific requirements.

Ferrari releases a new and really pimped out convertible model which has been given a name as 2010 Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M. Presented in front of the world in Formula one Constructor's World Championship in Mugello, the purpose was to celebrate the 16th Constructor's title in 2008 by the "prancing horse".

Bearing the very best Ferrari's latest mid-rear engine 8-cylinder technology, this model was released as a successor of the popular Ferrari F430 Spider. This time Ferrari has been able to shed some load off the wheels, almost 80 Kg. This one can be regarded as the fastest convertible ever produced by the Ferrari. In fact Scuderia Spider 16M was able to complete the Fiorano circuit faster than any other open top Ferrari.

Scuderia Spider is available in two signature colors and these are easy to guess which are Ferrari's standard Black and Red. Initially 499 units will be produced. However no further intentions have yet been expressed by the Ferrari representatives so far.

Coming to its features and specifications, Scuderia has a top speed of 193 mph or 315 Km/hr and can rush from 0 to 100 Km/hr in just 3.7 seconds. Making a quick review, it has a weight of 1640 Kg powered by 510 hp, V8 engine. Transmission type is 6-speed plus reverse F1 gearbox and 19 inches 5-spoke split rims. Interactive features include a roll bar with a carbon fiber outer shell with an exclusive new generation audio system which can be combined with the removable customized Ferrari 16 Gb ipod touch with a central dock just in front of the dashboard.

Detailed Specifications are:


Wheel Base: 2600 mm
Body Type: 2 Doors, 2 Seats Convertible
Length: 4512 mm
Width: 1923 mm
Height: 1216 mm


Type: Naturally Aspirated Mid Rear 90 Degrees V8
Compression Ratio: 11.9 : 1
Bore X Stroke: 92 mm X 81 mm

Engine & Transmission

Displacement cu in (cc) : 4308 cc
Power bhp (Kw) at RPM : 510 bhp (375.4 Kw) @ 8500 Rpm
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 347 lb-ft. (470 Nm) @ 5250 rpm
Redline at RPM : 8640 rpm


12 Blaupunkt for 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid - $ 759.00

Retail Price: 949.99
You Save:$190.99

I've been talking about pimping up your ride. now its time to add some colors and flavors in it. After all what's the use of a shiny and attractive car when you don't have a good sound system or even if you have a good car sound system but it produces a faint and flaccid base.

I bring for you, Blaupunkt amplifier, vivid and lively car subwoofers that can really add a spice in your car stereo system with the high performance 12" subwoofer tube. It has a tendency of boosting up your car's bass by 600 Watts, produces a frequency from 35-500 Hz providing booming lows for your favorite car music. It's easy plug 'n' play car amplifier and no need of cutting, slicing your existing car's wiring. The
amplifier's exclusive "Planar Power Plant" ( 3p ) technology makes for a cool running, compact size which is 1/3 of the conventional amplifiers for out of sight mounting flexibility.

The kit includes remote volume control, radio plug in harness, extension harness and speaker wires. Easy to install but still dealer installation is recommended.

Just few years ago motor sports company were reluctant to diversify their hot wheels to a more greener side but now it seems that the majority of them are responding to the call of time. Lambroghini decides to go green as well. Amazing isn't it? It's a very rare but appreciable enough step by a company who has been known for its racing and speeding cars. I hope they have plans to curb the implications as a result of this decision.

Though it's a good initiative but it cannot be regarded as the only sports car company who took this bold step. We've seen Bentley releasing its bio-fuel car and also not to forget, ferrari, which is working hard and utilizing its large portion of research and development expenditure in reducing carbon emmissions. Let's hope lambroghini also performs well in this area.

Analysing the lambroghini's policy, we can see that they have seriously applied some business process re-engineering to some extent regarding the manufacture of their cars. The newly launched Lambroghini LP560-4 is able to emit 18% less CO2 than its prequel, Lambroghini Gallarado.

Lambroghini doesn't consider this enough, as they have committed for even more which means that they plan to reach a target of 35% less emmission by the year 2015. As I said they are applying some business process re-engineering, they are planning to modify a plant by installing a raft of solar technology in the next few years costing about 35 million euros and it will be able to cut the CO2 by 30% while produced during the production. They are not putting a full stop here as Lambroghini is also planning to reduce the weight of their cars, designing more efficint engines which includes introducing hybrid engines as well.

We must hope that this step of lambroghini would create a ground of competetion for other car manufacturers as well and ultimately the world or eco system would be benefited.

Very soon after releasing MSRPS 2010 Rogue Krom Edition, Nissan puts a price of it next new and special, 370z 40th anniversary edition which will be available in the markets in the next spring 2010. Released to pay homage on the 40th anniversary of Datsun 240z, the 370z is available in a very limited number ( 10,000 units ) with price starting from $39,580.

Imitating the 370z touring model, equipped with sports package and 6-speed manual transmission, the new 40th anniversary, 370z special edition is available in "40 quartz" exterior color, complimented with the red leather interior along with the red stitching on the center stack. It also has some cool accessories embedded like leather steering with red stitching, shift boot, knee pads and many more.

The exterior has been pimped by the smoke finished alloy wheels, visible red brake callipers e.t.c. To make it memorable so that it always reminds of the purpose why it was released, a 40th anniversary badges has been planted on the rear hatch and front shock tower.

However, no amendments has been done to the engine and it has been powered up by the 3.7-liter V6 power generating and boosting engine engine able to produce a power of 332-hp.

Information Source: Car Scoop

Dodge unleashes its new and special edition of Viper SRT10 named as 2010 Viper SRT10 ACR-X Special. This car is stuffed with real and hot accessories including a low restriction exhaust system which really boosts up the car to 640 hp. 2010 Viper SRT10 ACR-X Special is exclusively designed with the needs of car racers kept in mind. The new model has been pimped up with standard vipers 8.4 -liter V10. The suspensions has been upgraded exclusively for the
track usage and some weight has been shed as well which is now approx. 160 pounds.

The Dodge company claims that that the car features some aerodynamic modifications which is now better than ever, increasing traction and down force. This really has put some positive effects on the stability and road grip especially on the high speed cornering.

As it says that the needs of the car racers have been especially catered, but all the focus has not been on the speeding it up. The car comes with usual factory fitted, safety equipments including fuel cell, race seat and exclusively designed roll cage.

Dodge further claims that during Viper SRT10 ACR-X's testing, by the reknown professional driver, Kuno Wittmer, during the SCCA Pro Racing Speed World Challenge Touring Car Championship series,it was able consistent 1:31:00 lap times around the 20238-mile, 11-turn course. Showing some improvements against the old Dodge's street legal viper STR10 ACR. This car holds the production car track record at Leguna Seca raceway.

According to Wittmer himself:
"The Dodge Viper ACR-X is incredible," said Wittmer. "After a short warm up, I was running lap times as quick as exotic GT race cars. I was blown away by the power and acceleration, and even more surprised at how the ACR-X navigated the challenging Laguna Seca corners and how friendly it was to drive at the limit."

The new Dodge's 2010 Viper SRT10 ACR-X Special will be in the market in the next spring of 2010 with prices starting from $110,000.
toyota prius

At last the "tree", planted by the toyota motors to shift towards the "greener side" is now bearing fruits. Australia recognizes its efforts and initiatives to make the motor vehicles more eco-friendly. The latest prius, launched in early July, won a prestigious "Green Innovation Award" and "People's Choice Award".

The judges reckoned the Toyota Prius as innovative and "practical family car" continued to set benchmark for fuel efficient motoring. Furthermore they said that "Toyota was instrumental in hybrid techonoligy and making it popular to the point where most major car makers are now following suit".

"Hybrid have had many critics and, while the technology is not perfect it makes a sizeable step towards more effecient motoring. Something that's becoming more relevant everyday. Prius has gone from something of a science experiment to a practical, innovative family car."

The award was announced by the Fairfax Drive national Motoring editor Toby Hagon, while it was judged by nine of the top most experienced motoring journalists. The "People's Choice Award" was awarded as a general poll result, decided by the readers of the Fairfax Drive Online.

Toyota Australia's manager, Vic Johnston sure looked contented and stated that the iconic prius has now mainstream acceptance and the new generation prius has re-inventedthe transition of passenger carsfrom conventional power to hybrid delivery.

"Its success and acceptance is based on a greater understanding of the compelling need to save fuel and to reduce the environmental foot print of motoring", He added further.

This is not the only success that the Toyota Prius has witnessed so far. Infact prius has won its first major international award, recognized as the "Japenese Car Of The Year."

According to Japan Automobile Dealers Association's claim, third generation prius has been Japan's best selling car grabbing the 10.8% share of all the motor vehicle sales in September all over Japan.

Some of its basic features has been enhanced resulting in improved fuel effeciency of about 11.3% which means that it can cover a distance of 100Km in just 3.9 litres. Further improved features include 1.8-litre petrol engine and an electric motor of 100KW.

Amazingly carbon emission of the prius is as low as 89g per kilometer which is the lowest as compared to any vehicle in Australia so far and until now Toyota has been able to sell 1.5 million units the prius world wide out of which 14000 have been utilized in Australia alone.


Racing GTC01 - Hybrid Wheels 17 - $ 349.00

Retail Price: 436.99
You Save:$87.99

Prius 17 inch wheels. Enhance the look of your Hybrid with these Enkie Sport Rims.Has been a source of inspiration and if not number one then at least among the top priorities of car enthusiasts. Real high-tech design. Looks good on almost every car.

Further Specifications Include:

* Size: 17x7.5, 48mm Offset

* Lightweight: 17.5lbs.

* Finish: Hyper Black

* Bolt Pattern: 5-100

* Construction: 1pc. Gravity Cast with MAT Technology