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At last the "tree", planted by the toyota motors to shift towards the "greener side" is now bearing fruits. Australia recognizes its efforts and initiatives to make the motor vehicles more eco-friendly. The latest prius, launched in early July, won a prestigious "Green Innovation Award" and "People's Choice Award".

The judges reckoned the Toyota Prius as innovative and "practical family car" continued to set benchmark for fuel efficient motoring. Furthermore they said that "Toyota was instrumental in hybrid techonoligy and making it popular to the point where most major car makers are now following suit".

"Hybrid have had many critics and, while the technology is not perfect it makes a sizeable step towards more effecient motoring. Something that's becoming more relevant everyday. Prius has gone from something of a science experiment to a practical, innovative family car."

The award was announced by the Fairfax Drive national Motoring editor Toby Hagon, while it was judged by nine of the top most experienced motoring journalists. The "People's Choice Award" was awarded as a general poll result, decided by the readers of the Fairfax Drive Online.

Toyota Australia's manager, Vic Johnston sure looked contented and stated that the iconic prius has now mainstream acceptance and the new generation prius has re-inventedthe transition of passenger carsfrom conventional power to hybrid delivery.

"Its success and acceptance is based on a greater understanding of the compelling need to save fuel and to reduce the environmental foot print of motoring", He added further.

This is not the only success that the Toyota Prius has witnessed so far. Infact prius has won its first major international award, recognized as the "Japenese Car Of The Year."

According to Japan Automobile Dealers Association's claim, third generation prius has been Japan's best selling car grabbing the 10.8% share of all the motor vehicle sales in September all over Japan.

Some of its basic features has been enhanced resulting in improved fuel effeciency of about 11.3% which means that it can cover a distance of 100Km in just 3.9 litres. Further improved features include 1.8-litre petrol engine and an electric motor of 100KW.

Amazingly carbon emission of the prius is as low as 89g per kilometer which is the lowest as compared to any vehicle in Australia so far and until now Toyota has been able to sell 1.5 million units the prius world wide out of which 14000 have been utilized in Australia alone.


Toyo said...

Wow, what interesting facts! I just drove a 2010 Prius the other day. It was also the quietest most comfortable car I've ever been in!

saad said...

Yes that's really a fact.
Many people who have experienced this car really appreciate its noiseless drive. So in a sense Toyota is coping with two types of pollution. Air and noise.
I wonder why they do not publicize this quality!!!

Chevy HHR cold air intake said...

Today, we have reached the 3rd generation production of Toyota Prius. Its new body design is now capable of more aerodynamic properties and the Prius was the most efficient car powered by liquid fuel available in the U.S. in 2009, based on the official rating.

Muhammed Khan said...

@Chevy HHR cold air intake Thanks for sharing this information.

Jean Lou Laborte said...

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