Racing GTC01 - Hybrid Wheels 17 - $ 349.00

Retail Price: 436.99
You Save:$87.99

Prius 17 inch wheels. Enhance the look of your Hybrid with these Enkie Sport Rims.Has been a source of inspiration and if not number one then at least among the top priorities of car enthusiasts. Real high-tech design. Looks good on almost every car.

Further Specifications Include:

* Size: 17x7.5, 48mm Offset

* Lightweight: 17.5lbs.

* Finish: Hyper Black

* Bolt Pattern: 5-100

* Construction: 1pc. Gravity Cast with MAT Technology


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Projector Headlights said...

It's not just cool. It's the perfect wheels designed for your car.

Jean Lou Laborte said...

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