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Find out about Oxford's century old Morris car plant and the vehicles it has put on Britain's roads throughout its history. Two world wars, four monarchs and countless Prime Ministers - Britain has changed dramatically throughout the Morris car plant's century long history.

The iconic site is one of the most significant in British motoring and is renowned throughout the country and around the world for the vehicles it has produced. Still affectionately known by its Morris moniker, the plant is now owned by BMW and continues to produce the hugely popular modern MINI range of vehicles.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Morris car plant's rich past and what the future holds for the Cowley site.


William Morris opened the factory in 1913 on the site of the former Military College. The entrepreneur previously worked as a mechanic on Longwall Street, where he repaired cars and carried out windscreen replacement.

On the new site the car designer was able to adopt mass production techniques from the US to build his 'bullnose' Morris, an early staple of British motoring. Throughout his stewardship Morris, a renowned philanthropist, funded the expansion in the area surrounding the plant to improve the lives and opportunities of his workers.

After being used for making munitions and then aircraft salvage in respective world wars, the plant continued to prosper and was employing 20,000 people by the 1970s. During these years Morris' company went through a series of amalgamations, eventually having joined with Jaguar, Leyland and Rover before being purchased by British Aerospace in 1988 and then BMW six years later.

Famous cars

Whoever its owner, the Morris car plant continued to produce iconic British cars throughout its history. The Cowley plant's history is intertwined with that of the MINI, which was first produced in Oxford in 1959.
Dripping in cutting-edge style whilst remaining affordable to the masses, the compact car helped redefine motoring in Britain.

From Clubman to the Countryman World Rally Car, the MINI has remained hugely popular throughout its five decades-and-counting history. The economic Morris Minor is another of the Cowley plant's famous alumni. Showcasing elegant British lines, more than 1.3 million of the classic-looking cars were made during the quarter of a century it remained in production.

The Morris factory was also where many Rover vehicles were assembled, including both the successful 75 and 600 series.

Bright future…

The Morris car plant might be a hundred years young but it's still an integral part of BMW's global manufacturing network. Over 190,000 cars were produced at the site in 2011, creeping back towards the pre-downturn highs of the mid-noughties. And with the next generation of MINI Paceman launched earlier this year, the workers in Cowley will be building the iconic car for many years to come.

Have you ever owned Morris produced car?
Driving is an expensive business these days and when the cost of living is increasing, keeping costs down has never been more important. Here are some simple ways you can drive your costs down...

Consider a smaller car

Do you need an estate car these days or is it just excessive now? There are many benefits in having a smaller car so consider downsizing. Smaller cars are cheaper to run, cheaper to insure and easier to drive therefore you are likely to use less fuel as you try to park or get around town.

Drive Economically

There are a number of things you can do to drive more economically to reduce your fuel costs. Try and go on longer drives so bundle your to-do list together to a bigger list as it takes a lot of fuel to get the car going so lots of short drives is not good for it. Additionally try and reduce harsh braking by slowing to a stop as this will reduce fuel consumption also. Also travel light, reduce any additional weight to the car as this will just add to your fuel consumption.

Compare Car Insurance

This is such an obvious one but is often ignored. Many people are not good at shopping around to see if they can get a better deal for their car insurance. When your renewal comes in, get onto a car insurance comparison site to see what deals you could get. You might be applicable for a multi car insurance deal for you and your partner. This can save you a lot of money so consider these deals when comparing prices.

Learn about your car

Now we are not suggesting that you get a degree in mechanics but if you take the time to learn a bit more about your car, it can really help when it starts having issues. It could even be as simple as learning how to change your tires in case you have a puncture at the side of the road and have to fork out for the AA man to come and rescue you! Just learn some general maintenance for your car so you can help keep it healthy between services.

Regularly service it

Your annual mileage service is not there to make you spend MORE money on your car, it is there to help keep costs down and to keep you safe. As soon as there is a problem with the car, get it checked out. Generally the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will be as it reacts with the other parts of the car. If you are worried about the costs of a garage, look into your local garage who are likely to have lower costs. Chat to your neighbours and get advice from them about where they go.

Consider a hire car

If you already have one car in the household, do you need a second one? Or is it just on the odd occasion you really need it? Consider all the costs involved with buying and running your own car... do you need it? If you can afford to get rid of it, you can always hire a car or lift share with someone else. Definitely consider it.

There's no denying that owning and driving a car is expensive but if you are clever and economical about it, you can save yourself some money.

Spring is upon us and isn't it a wonderful time of year? We throw open our windows, clean our homes from top to bottom and start to look forward to longer days and the approaching summer.

But spring cleaning shouldn't be confined to just your home. Why not get the kids involved and give your car a complete makeover from top to bottom? The added bonus is that you will find all sorts of long lost treasures hiding in the nooks and crannies. Here are some great ideas from Diamond to get you started with the different ways to decorate your car

Cleaning out the car

The car decoration is of no use if the cars are not tidy and especially after winter are often muddy and in need of a clean, so start by taking some soapy water to its exterior to get your motor shining again. Remove the car mats and replace them if they are looking a little worn. Replace the car seat covers with something bright and cheery to reflect the spring theme. Vacuum everything thoroughly and use a stiff brush to loosen any stubborn dirt.

If your car has a musty smell, sprinkle baking soda on the upholstery and rub it in gently. Leave it overnight and vacuum up the residue the next day. This grandma tip is guaranteed to shift the most doggy of smells!

Accessorizing the car

Most local print stores can make custom decals based on images that you choose. Decals are like stickers but are hardier and can endure the elements that a car is subjected to. Why not choose a spring theme such as gardening or honey bees and print out some decals to place on your car’s body.

Or to make your car stand-out from the crowd even more, how about Car-Jazzling?

Car-jazzling is the art of personalizing your car to brighten it up and reflect the light-heartedness of spring.

Take a look at your car headlights and imagine them with long, pretty eyelashes. Car eyelashes are widely available online but haven't really caught on in the UK yet. Watch all of the copycats in your street when they see how adorable this simple modification looks.

If you want to keep the car decoration a little more low-key we can turn our attention to the interior.

Buy a piece of AstroTurf and cut it into the shape of your rear parcel shelf. This cute garden bed can then house some imitation flowers, a white picket fence made from cardboard and a handful of small toys. Your kids will love it!

A more conservative option would be to keep a plastic vase in your car and fill it with fresh flowers. This would fit in with the spring theme and give your car the scent of freshly cut flowers. It really will feel like spring has finally arrived!

Your car is an extension of your personality so why not accessories it as such? It is just a bit of fun and if you can always take it down when you have had enough of it. Go on, get some car decoration for fun!

Driving Under Influence or DUI is a havoc which keeps resulting in many tragic mishaps in the form of financial loss or in many cases, the loss of precious human lives. Therefore, exciting work is under way with a change in approach for control of drunk drivers. In addition to strict laws and stiff penalties, law enforcement is working towards prevention. Imagine that, finding a way to stop drunk drivers from getting into their cars, or getting the cars started.

That is exactly what is happening at this time. Car manufacturers, the U.S. government and individual states are all working on separate plans for prevention of drunk driving. There are three main projects underway. Each one has a different approach to the problem.

Driving Under Influence (DUI) Prevention APPS

A number of states now have anti DUI smart phone apps that query the driver. If a certain number of questions are answered incorrectly, a red light comes on. These apps can be kept in places that sell alcohol as well as on private smart phones. If the host or bar owner feels a person is inebriated the smart phone app can be put to work. At the discretion of the establishment they may refuse to supply any more alcohol to the driver under influence. Some of these apps have adapters that the supposed drunk driver must use to have their breath analyzed. This may be the first type of smart phone anti DUI application available for use by the public. The reason is because the technology is already present and approved in cases of DUI, by the courts.

Concept Car - Active Warnings

Some new cars are under development outside the United States are working on plans that definitely take a different approach against the problem of Driving Under Influence. If the car senses erratic driving, caused by alcohol or any other reason, several warnings are given to the driver. If there is no response eventually, the car will lose power and have to pull off the road.

Other projects have the transmission knob for shifting detect alcohol in sweat on the hand of the driver. Evidently a certain level of intoxication must be reached before this can even be detected.

Auto Manufacturers Plan to Stop Drunk Driving

Over ten million dollars is being spent on a unique way to stop any drunk driver from starting their car. To start the vehicle a button is pushed. At that time a laser light shines on the spaces between the fingers and detects the amount of alcohol in the blood of the person trying to start the car. Should the driver be inebriated beyond a certain level, the car will not start.

This is good news for everyone, including those who drink and drive. It will certainly be preferable to be prevented from driving than to be involved in an accident or a problem with the law. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence be sure to employ a reputable DUI attorney San Diego County.


There are so many different cars on the market nowadays that it is hard to pick just one. However, Passat 1.9 TDI cannot be compared to any other vehicle. There are so many reasons why you should pick it that it is hard to list them all. Its fuel consumption is amazing because it is so much lower than that of most modern cars. Moreover, if you change the filter on a regular basis you can extend the life of your car. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should change the oil every time you travel 10,000 kilometers. This way you will make sure that your Passat 1.9 TDI engine does not burn up. This is a car that should be well maintained and so you should only use quality fuel to drive it.

One of the top reasons to pick Passat 1.9 TDI to be your next car is its amazing braking system.  Other reasons include the more up market image and quality feel. Even though there are more luxurious versions on the market, the Passat 1.9 TDI is surely one of the greatest family cars you can buy. The residual value of Volkswagen cars is extremely high compared to other brands. Moreover, the car is clearly superior to its rivals because of its features and design.

A major reason to pick Passat 1.9 TDI is its turbo diesel engine which delivers great and smooth performance for such a big car. You can easily accelerate from 0 to 90 kilometers per hour in a matter of just 10 seconds and the maximum speed for the car is about 200 kilometers per hour. This means that this car can almost fly and there is no turbo lag to hold it back. That makes it more than a perfect choice for a family car.

Another reason why Passat 1.9 TDI should be the family car you buy is that it is highly refined, well insulated against ambient and mechanical noise and impeccably built. Once you accelerate to full speed and start gliding along the road you will not even be able to hear the noise of the engine. This will make every trip with your family as enjoyable as possible.

Additional reasons to buy the new Passat 1.9 TDI (or as the Danes say køb den nye Passat 1 9 tdi) and not any other family car include the fact that this is a saloon car which makes it quite practical. The back cabin is quite big and the boot is so easy to access since it is uncluttered. The folding rear seats provide extra flexibility and you can easily carry your ski equipment or transport fence posts in this amazing car. The Passat 1.9 TDI is designed to do everything you could wish for - it is constructed in a great way, it is spacious, it is stylish and its layout is quite logical. In conclusion, Passat 1.9 TDI offers superb quality, a great amount of cabin space, good handling, safety and quality equipment and all of these make it the greatest choice on the market.

The all new Jaguar XJ Ultimate is perhaps the most luxurious vehicle ever and it is a vehicle with highly innovative features. The British Automaker JLR has recently launched the Ultimate edition in the XJ range of cars and created a new benchmark for luxury in the luxury cars segment. The company has not just improved the comforts and conveniences inside but also added some of the highly innovative features to the Jaguar XJ Ultimate. This vehicle now goes on sale in Indian markets and the owners of this vehicle will get to experience the unprecedented levels of luxury. JLR mainly focussed on interior section of the car, especially at the rear cabin section in order to ensure that the rear passengers will get to experience the extreme levels of luxury inside the car. If you just take a look at the official Jaguar XJ Ultimate pictures of its interiors, you will get to see the rich interior with brilliant finishing that you may not find in other vehicles. This new car truly represents the heights of luxury inside, innovative features and technology which are available in Jaguar cars. It comes with a long wheelbase and the changes inside mainly focus on the rear seat accommodation. 

If it comes to the discussion about the rear accommodation, you can find two individual seats which are separated by a central console. This central console has got a tray that pops out of the console and places in front of the rear occupants for placing their drinks or champagne. At its rear, there is one champagne chiller where you can place your champagne bottle to keep it chilled all the time. As far as the seating is concerned, they are integrated with lumbar support along with a massage function that offers massage on the go. There is also a provision of two third generation iPads at the back side of the front seats with wireless keyboards that are placed in leather trim docks. On the other side, there is a 20 speak meridian music player integrated to the car, which is one of the most advanced music player till date. This new XJ Ultimate from Jaguar cars comes with the seating arrangement that resembles the accommodation of a private jet, which is truly exciting. There is also a wireless headphones given along with 20 speakers that makes enhances the quality of entertainment. Most of these Jaguar XJ Ultimate features are far more than advanced and returns complete value for money. 

When it comes to the specifications, the vehicle is available with two engine options such as 5.0 liter petrol and 3.0 liter diesel. The 5.0 liter V8 petrol engine can release 385Bhp of peak torque at 6500Rpm and makes 515Nm of peak torque at 3500Rpm. The 3.0 liter diesel engine can make 271Bhp of peak power and 600Nm of peak torque. Both the cars are mated with an advanced automatic transmission gearbox. As far as pricing is concerned, the new Jaguar XJ Ultimate price starts from Rs. 1.78 crore and it goes up to Rs. 1.87 crore (ex showroom price New Delhi). This is a perfect luxury car that has everything on offer for the passengers, especially to the rear occupants where they can get to experience the business class luxury levels. 

 It has been posted by Shweta Aggarwal on Jaguar's new model XJ Ultimate.