The all new Jaguar XJ Ultimate is perhaps the most luxurious vehicle ever and it is a vehicle with highly innovative features. The British Automaker JLR has recently launched the Ultimate edition in the XJ range of cars and created a new benchmark for luxury in the luxury cars segment. The company has not just improved the comforts and conveniences inside but also added some of the highly innovative features to the Jaguar XJ Ultimate. This vehicle now goes on sale in Indian markets and the owners of this vehicle will get to experience the unprecedented levels of luxury. JLR mainly focussed on interior section of the car, especially at the rear cabin section in order to ensure that the rear passengers will get to experience the extreme levels of luxury inside the car. If you just take a look at the official Jaguar XJ Ultimate pictures of its interiors, you will get to see the rich interior with brilliant finishing that you may not find in other vehicles. This new car truly represents the heights of luxury inside, innovative features and technology which are available in Jaguar cars. It comes with a long wheelbase and the changes inside mainly focus on the rear seat accommodation. 

If it comes to the discussion about the rear accommodation, you can find two individual seats which are separated by a central console. This central console has got a tray that pops out of the console and places in front of the rear occupants for placing their drinks or champagne. At its rear, there is one champagne chiller where you can place your champagne bottle to keep it chilled all the time. As far as the seating is concerned, they are integrated with lumbar support along with a massage function that offers massage on the go. There is also a provision of two third generation iPads at the back side of the front seats with wireless keyboards that are placed in leather trim docks. On the other side, there is a 20 speak meridian music player integrated to the car, which is one of the most advanced music player till date. This new XJ Ultimate from Jaguar cars comes with the seating arrangement that resembles the accommodation of a private jet, which is truly exciting. There is also a wireless headphones given along with 20 speakers that makes enhances the quality of entertainment. Most of these Jaguar XJ Ultimate features are far more than advanced and returns complete value for money. 

When it comes to the specifications, the vehicle is available with two engine options such as 5.0 liter petrol and 3.0 liter diesel. The 5.0 liter V8 petrol engine can release 385Bhp of peak torque at 6500Rpm and makes 515Nm of peak torque at 3500Rpm. The 3.0 liter diesel engine can make 271Bhp of peak power and 600Nm of peak torque. Both the cars are mated with an advanced automatic transmission gearbox. As far as pricing is concerned, the new Jaguar XJ Ultimate price starts from Rs. 1.78 crore and it goes up to Rs. 1.87 crore (ex showroom price New Delhi). This is a perfect luxury car that has everything on offer for the passengers, especially to the rear occupants where they can get to experience the business class luxury levels. 

 It has been posted by Shweta Aggarwal on Jaguar's new model XJ Ultimate.


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