If you own a classic car, that fine piece of equipment is often classified as your baby. Just like you would take care of your little one, you need to make sure that you take time to take care of your classic car. Older cars, while they are classics with a great reputation, are more susceptible to having mechanical issues if they are not regularly maintained. To keep your car in tip top shape, here are 5 of the most common issues you may need to solve.

5 Common Car Maintenance Issues 

Car leak are perhaps the most common problem reported by classic car owners. While these leaks can occur a number of different places, in classics made by all of the most respected manufacturers leaks generally occur around the valve covers, the main seals, and the crankshaft seals.

1. Valve Cover Leaks

If you know your way under the hood of your classic Mercedes you must also know that what is a valve cover, you do not necessarily need to schedule Mercedes repair to fix a valve cover leak. This repair can easily be made if you remove your valve cover and replace the old gaskets with new ones that will sit flat and prevent further leaks.

2. Main Seal Leak

If you are a classic car enthusiast but not necessarily a mechanic, you may need to schedule Mercedes service and maintenance to fix a main seal leak. Because this seal is located in a place that cannot easily be accessed, it takes a lot more knowledge and work to fix. In some cases, the transmission and the clutch will need to be removed to access the main seal.

3. Crankshaft Seal Leak

Also known as the harmonic balancer seal, the crankshaft seal is located at the front of the engine and may not require in-depth mechanical skills to repair. By purchasing a seal kit, you can remove the harmonic balancer and install the sleeve to stop the leaks in the crankshaft. While you will need to follow directions, there are plenty of instructions that can be found on the Internet for do-it-yourself repair.

4. Door and Window Seal Leaks 

Oil leaks are not the only leaks you must worry about. Your door and window seals keep the outside elements out of your vehicle. If they are leaking, they have probably worn or cracked. The seals can easily be replaced with seals from the manufacturer or seals from an aftermarket parts company. Once you order the seals, you need to remove the old seals from the pins they are clipped in to install the new seals.

5. Fading Finish 

Over time, the dirt builds up and causes your paint finish to fade. By using a mild soap designed for cars on a routine basis, and waxing and buffing your baby by hand, you can protect the finish and make your baby shine.

Maintaining your baby is all about identifying problems before they get serious. While some work must be performed by a professional, many problems can easily be fixed on your own.


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