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Automotive motor engine oil changes are actions that any car owner must not ignore. This is because modifying the oil improves the performance and life expectancy of the engine more than any other servicing action. That being said, there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration to be able to know when to modify the oil.

When modifying the automotive motor engine oil, you have to study the guidelines provided by the car manufacturer because each kind of car is different with each other. These information will also provide you the choice of the oil. You'll also discover minimal variations in process that provide different uses, generating circumstances and the like.
When and How to Change Motor Engine Oil

The most typical guidelines to adhere to when modifying the oil is under frequent generating circumstances i.e. brief visits, frequent road visits, periodic pushes in unclean streets etc. All in all, you discover that the frequent length you should modify the oil in is between 3000 to 5000 kilometres. Adhering to a routine is better than having to delay for symptoms like smoke because you do not have to unnecessarily tax your engine.

The following is the typical process that any car owner should follow when modifying the car engine oil:

1. Begin the engine and let it run for a few moments. This is very essential because the oil and toxins included therein circulation out more quickly when they are heated. You may also need to recreation area the car in a raised position e.g. a slam if the floor approval is too low.

2. Look for and unscrew the engine oil complete cap since it is the indications by which the unclean oil will circulation out. It goes without saying that you should have a pail or strain pan placed beneath to avoid a blunder. It also allows to have protection devices like latex protection gloves, glasses, shut set footwear etc. to avoid spots and accidents.

3. The next phase mentioned in techniques of when to modify oil is the set up and shrinking of the oil strain connect with a new gasket in compliance to the company's guidelines. You should then position the pail or strain pan under the oil narrow. Eliminate the narrow, plus the gasket and fresh them down with a fresh, absorbing fabric.

4. The next phase is information set up of the new oil narrow gasket. You should first implement a slim movie of new oil in the beginning and attach it firmly on. After this is done, add the new oil into the container, creating sure that you adhere to the car company's requirements on oil kind, level, etc. This will allow you to avoid needless wastages, when modifying the oil.

5. At this level in the guidelines of when to modify oil, examine the oil level using the modify engine oil dipstick. The level should be a little methods above the complete indicate so as to provide the oil that will go into the narrow.

6. The ultimate phase is messing on the oil complete cap, beginning the engine and allowing it run for a few moments. This is to allow the new engine oil circulation into all areas of the engine.
In a few words, modifying the oil tends to be a very simple and necessary process that a car owner should never ignore.

#Abram Grant is the automotive blogger at P-Oil, the leading automotive motor engine lubricants manufacturer and supplier to the global market. You can follow his company P-Oil on Facebook too.

Let’s face it, we've all grown up “knowing” that flying cars were going to be the next biggest thing coming in the future. We haven’t seen them yet, and that’s for a good reason. The current infrastructure of our roadways just can’t practically support a flying car; however, it is more than capable of supporting smarter and more efficient cars. As our population grows, more and more people own cars and sometimes people own more than one car. The problem being that as our population grows; our country stays the same size. Many, if not all concept designers involved in the future of car technology have an elegant solution to the overcrowding problem facing us today: Smaller cars.

Slow first

Now, having a tiny car is going against the grain of our American egos, but we could be convinced to adopt the more future-forward and practical smaller vehicle if it could make our lives significantly easier and safer. Regardless of how big your ego is, you can’t argue against taking the option that will keep you and your family safe on the road. Car insurance companies may balk at first as well, but once they see the light, they will embrace a computer driven vehicle faster than the average driver could even dream.

NAME is turning heads

Here is a first look at an exciting vision of a future car that was making waves at the CeBit technology show in November. It’s called the NAME, and it’s based on technology that’s available today.

This video has been produced by DFKI, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

We see here a utilitarian view of the future of automotive transportation. It is a vision of a car that is as technologically advanced as it is realistic. The reality of driving today is that our cars are inefficient, large, and tough to maneuver in small spaces, all of which are problems that are solved by the NAME car and the many others like it in production today.

Here’s what the NAME can do:

  • Smart battery system that increases battery life and charging ability
  • Autonomous driving
  • Completely wireless autonomous traffic flow integration
  • Cars can lock together and form a single train-style driving pack 
  • Interlocking expansions for the car to add passengers or storage capacity
  • 90 degree tire wheel rotation that allows the car to travel side to side as well as backwards and forwards
  • Collapsible frame that allows for parking in very small spaces and garages
  • Wireless internet integration with advanced navigation technology
  • Software that reports traffic and road conditions anonymously to a main transportation hub

Self-driving cars reduce the possibility for human error

One would think that the idea of insuring a self-driving car would be a waking nightmare for insurance companies. The first question that comes to mind is that if the car is driving itself and there’s an accident, then who’s responsible? The artificial intelligence that drives the car wouldn't be able to take out an insurance policy or even pay the premiums so it would still depend on the customers. The intelligence software suites that will (and have been) powering self-driving cars are monumentally robust and, above all, safe. The word “safe” is music to an insurance company’s ears, especially if it means that more and more customers are going to be paying their premiums with fewer and fewer claims due to driver error.

Computers do it faster

As any parent of a teen driver can testify, we humans are not perfect when it comes to driving. The phrase “accidents happen” is so commonly used that it’s no surprise when we or someone we know has a collision behind the wheel. But, what if a super smart, self-driving car could eliminate almost ALL of the probability of an accident? Computers are far from perfect, but their reaction times are light years ahead of ours. If you need further proof, just look at the Jeopardy faceoff between Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and IBM’s Watson that aired back in 2011. Watson completely schooled its human competitors in terms of pure reaction time. Even when Jennings and Rutter were continuously pushing down on the signaling devices, they were still slower than Watson, whose signaling device was controlled by a robotic arm connected to the artificial intelligence.

Faster reaction time means safer driving

In terms of reaction time while driving a vehicle, the difference between a two second reaction time and a .01 second reaction time could mean the difference between life and death for thousands of people each year. Artificial intelligence models today are equipped to send signals to apply brakes and perform evasive driving manoeuvres at even fractions of the .01 second reaction time. That’s exponentially faster than any human could ever perform, which means that it has the possibility to be exponentially safer than any human operated vehicle. The great thing about car insurance companies is that they are practical. Not only are they practical but they are one of the world’s best collectors of safety data. Once they are able to run the numbers on computer-driven future tech cars, then adopting the concept will be a no-brainer for them. After all, why wouldn't they jump at the chance to avoid insuring another teen driver?

Edward Oberg is a former insurance consultant, a blogger and a happily married man. When he’s not writing about automobile insurance, he’s reading Steven King or playing with his dog, Sebastian.

Go fast. Go safe. And go in style. This is the unconscious creed of all who consider car modifications. We don’t all seek renovations for the same reasons, but we are all considering modifications for the same underlying reason. We are drivers, mechanics, and dreamers who push our cars beyond the norm and into perfection. Regardless of your own reason for considering car mods, your car can benefit from window tint.

What is Window Tint?

Window tint is a combination of polyester and metalized coating. The window tint has a scratch resistant coating on one side, and a release liner on the other. Window tint is applied by removing the release liner and attaching the film to the windows with an adhesive or a static cling technology. Window tint can be used on both residential buildings and vehicles.

Why Window Tint?

Car modifications should increase the safety, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Window tint accomplishes all of this and more. Window tint can:

Block the glare from the sun that can make it difficult and dangerous to drive on the road.
Make your car more energy efficient by blocking the sun. This feature will keep your car cooler on hot summer days. A must have for cars whose air conditioning have seen better days.

Block 99% of the UV rays from the sun. This will protect the interior of your car from sun damage. This vital feature will prevent the paint, rubber, and plastic inside your vehicle from cracking and fading.

Why Forego Window Tint?

Window tint is not without its downside. If you spend the majority of your time driving around after dark, you should not use this modification. The main problem is that the more effective the tint, the harder it will be for you to see through the window after dark.

State Regulations of Window Tint

Before applying window tint, you need to check your state’s window tint regulations. In order to protect everyone on the road, states have set up laws that you must follow when applying window tint to your car. Failure to follow these laws can lead to a monetary fine and jail time. If you want to avoid both, you must check out what window tint guidelines you must follow. The state regulates:

  • How reflective a window tint can be and where reflective tint can be applied. 
  • How dark the window can be on certain parts of the vehicle. 
  • If you can use colored tint. 
  • If you must have enhanced side mirrors to go with your tint. 
  • Whether you need a sticker showing you window tint adheres to the law.  

How Do I Tint My Windows?

Tinting your windows may seem simple, but a sub-par window tint job can be aesthetically disastrous. Improperly applied window tint can have unsightly bubbles and dirt trapped beneath the window tint. In order to prevent this I would recommend that any interested car owners, leave the tint jobs to the professionals.

For those who are confident that they will be able to apply the window tint, I would recommend purchasing window tint that is applied with static cling technology instead of the adhesive. Static cling allows you to remove and reapply the window tint if you apply it improperly.

Window tint needs to be applied in a shaded, well-light, and dust-free area. It should be 40 to 98% F for three days after the installation. And you should not clean your vehicles windows with ammonia or house hold glass cleaners before you apply the tint. After you ensure that you fulfill these requirements, you can refer to this how-to video to guide you through the rest of the installation process.  

As a car mod buff, you might want to consider window tint for your vehicle. Window tint will reduce the glare, heat and UV rays allowed into your vehicle. Just make sure you follow the state window tint laws and have the skill to apply the window tint. And remember, if you’re a night owl, you might want to forego this modification.
Before we get to the gnarly truth, let’s first open with pleasant lie. You know that car modification that you finally found the funds, guts, and time to add to your vehicle? Well it will definitely not increase your auto insurance premium. Don’t even bother calling it in to your insurance agent in Dallas or Montreal or New Orleans. Just get in that car and hit the roads. Let’s stop here for a moment and face down an unpleasant truth.

The Unpleasant Truth about Modified Cars 

We love modified cars. There is something about the knowledge that our car is different than every other run-of-the-mill vehicle on the road that appeals to us. Unfortunately indulging in that desire is not without its consequences. Insurance agencies base their insurance premiums on the monetary worth of your car and the risk it will be to insure.

Car modifications often add value to your vehicle and make it more appealing to thieves, for that reason car modifications can and often do increase the auto insurance of the modified car.

Many car enthusiasts who discover this fact may be tempted to prevent this increase in their premium by failing to report the modification or outright lying about whether or not their car has been modified. If you find yourself tempted to omit or lie about a modification, READ THE NEXT SECTION FIRST.

The Unpleasant Truth about Failing to Report Modifications

For an individual who just spent thousands of dollars tricking out there car, an increased monthly premium can be an unneeded expense. You should be aware that the failure to inform your insurance company about the modification can be disastrous. Why? Your insurance is a contract. Your insurance company agrees to help you pay for damages, and injuries when your vehicle is involved in an accident. In return you agree to pay your monthly premium on time and provide honest information to the company.

By not informing your insurance agent about a modification that might change your car’s value, performance, or aesthetic appeal to thieves, you have broken the contract. Even if the breach of contract is the result of ignorance, you are still committing insurance fraud. Insurance fraud will lead you down one of two paths when you finally need to file an insurance claim:

  1. The company may decide to pay only for the value reported instead of the current value.
  2. The company may deny your claim. If you are particularly unlucky they may sue you for committing insurance fraud.

The point of insurance is to protect yourself financially when you are involved in a car accident. As a driver, you spend thousands of dollars a year on insurance. The decision to misrepresent your vehicle will mean that you will have spent thousands of dollars on an insurance plan that is invalid. The cost of not informing your company about a modification that will increase your insurance is far higher than an increase in your premium.

Ending Notes: Not all modifications need to be reported, but it is far safer to run the modification by your insurance agent. You should report all modifications that alter your car’s value, performance, aesthetic appeal to thieves, or changes the engine size. Your insurance agent will inform you how your insurance will be changed based on your modifications. 

Once you’ve found the perfect car, you have to take steps to customize it to your unique personality and taste. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to customize your ride. Keep these five customization ideas in mind when planning what to do to make your new car truly your own.

1. Change the upholstery.

The interior of the car can be leather or a unique pattern on fabric. You’ll also want your seats to be comfortable to sit in while driving or for your guests when riding, Select from options including cloth, leather, faux leather, and suede to truly customize your ride.

2. Change the paint job.

Decals make your car stand out in a crowd, but they are temporary and do not look as sharp and professional as a paint job done at an auto body shop like the one my friend runs in West Chester, PA. They can also peel off once they’ve been on your vehicle for a while. Anyone can go buy a sticker and slap it on their vehicle, but getting a custom paint job takes dedication and love for the design. A few racing stripes, a logo or a design creates a unique look that is sure to stand out whether you’re in a tiny town or large city.

3. Get a custom license plate.

Getting a custom plate doesn’t cost too much money and it grabs the attention of anyone sitting behind you in traffic. It will also be easier to remember your license plate when you need to write it down on forms or identify it to someone. You have so many options when it comes to selecting a license plate.

4. Add aftermarket lights.

Lighting is versatile and can be added in the front, back or along the sides. Use brightly colored lights to highlight your car’s primary color. Don’t go too crazy on the lights though. If you go on overkill than you might end up having too many contrasting looks that creates disorganization.

5. Modify your tires.

Your tires give you plenty of customization options. Choose unique rims that improve your car’s look and take it a level up from the manufacturer’s design. Select from black, white, silver or chrome to draw attention to your rims.

Cars provide endless opportunities for customization. Show your personality by modifying the paint, changing the interior or by adding custom rims to your vehicle.

“Ferris, my father loves this car more than life itself.”
“Ferris, he never drives it! He just rubs it with a diaper!”

As car enthusiasts we often spend years restoring and modifying cars. We invest our money, sweat, and time into the car. Like Cameron’s father from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, we can become a tad obsessed…although we prefer to think of it as passionate. We may not love the car more than life itself, but it might be one of our most prized possessions. We may not spend our free time admiring the sleek paint job and polishing it with a diaper because that would be crazy…

Ok, I admit, I do spend hours each month polishing my car with a cloth. 

Unlike Cameron’s father though, I do drive my car occasionally. It is a nerve wracking process, but what is the point of owning a car if we cannot go on adventures together? We have two choices, hide it away to protect it, or drive while proactively looking out for the negligent or incompetent drivers.  There is only so much you can do to protect your car from the outside world. Eventually an accident might happen.

What to Do Immediately After the Accident?

At this point there is nothing you can do to prevent the accident. What you need to do is follow the law to the “T”. State automobile law is on your side, as long as you are not at fault. As soon as the accident happens you need to complete these steps:

Stop your car. Pull over to the side of the road if no one has been injured.

When you talk to the other driver stay calm. You may feel like blowing a gasket, but you and your car are better served by being calm and meticulous. In no circumstances should you say anything that might be construed as admitting guilt. Don’t even say a polite “I’m sorry.” The time for niceties has passed.
Call the police about the accident. The police will catalog any injuries and damage to the vehicles.

Collect the other driver’s information and ask the police officer for a copy of the accident report.
Survey the scene and take pictures. Spend a few moments after the accidents taking notes. This is important because monetary compensation hinges on who was at-fault for the accident, and it is important to record critical details while your memory is fresh.

What To Do After

Ensure Your Insurance Company is Fair

At some point, you will need to inform your insurance company that you have been in an accident. Do so immediately after, but do not sign anything, provide a recorded statement, or allow a claims adjuster to look at the vehicle before consulting a car accident lawyer. Insurance agencies may protect you, but they are also a business who can lose money if they pay the full value for every claim that comes across their desk.  Lawyers can ensure that your insurance or the other driver’s insurance company will not cheat you out of the money necessary to return your car to working order.

Look Into Seeking Monetary Compensation from the Other Driver

You may also want to consult a lawyer to talk about filing an accident claim against the other driver. Whether or not the other driver has insurance, they can still be held responsible for the injuries and damages acquired during the accident. If the other driver is uninsured or under insured in an at-fault state, you will be able to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for injuries, monetary loses, and damages. If you live in a no-fault state, who caused the accident is not considered. You will not be able to file a claim against the other driver. You will need to collect your claims from your insurance company.

Car accidents can be hard. They can be made harder when a car is damaged or destroyed that you spent years building and modifying. With the proper preparation and after-the accident strategy, you can receive enough compensation to rebuild the car or begin to modify a new car. It’s not fair, but it’s something.
There is a collection of goods and services that are often sort of hand-me-downs. For example, in my case I used the same barber, mechanic, dentist and doctor that my parents had, and I did so for years because I just didn't really think about it. That’s just where you went when you had to have your hair cut or transmission checked. I also used the same car insurance.

When I started to drive I was bundled into my parents’ family plan and when the time came I just switched over to a personal plan with the same provider.

That is- until I began restoring a classic Corvair (the one deemed “unsafe at any speed” by Ralph Nader). I found that the classic/antique/specialty insurance offered by my company wasn't that great. It just didn't fit for me. I was right on the cusp of shrugging, biting the bullet and signing up when I had a revelation: I didn't have to use the insurance I always had!! I could shop around! It opened a whole shining world of personal shopping scenarios for me and changed my life forever! OK, maybe it wasn't that dramatic but it was certainly a convenient realization for my wallet and insurance coverage.

Anyway, like me, I have the feeling car insurance isn't really something people spend loads of time contemplating. It’s understandable- car insurance isn't exactly the most mind-blowingly thrilling topic in the world to consider but it’s an important one. And it suddenly becomes an all-important topic when the car you've put dozens of hours and thousands of dollars into is blindsided by a bar-hopping party animal.

When I started looking into insurance options for a specialty car my experience was that the big three insurers (the ones with commercials featuring a bubbly, streak-haired, price-gun wielding hipster woman; a British talking gecko and disaster/mayhem personified) didn't have the greatest specialty policies. That too is understandable- they’re huge and accordingly have a huge cut of the market, which means millions of customers, the great majority of whom have convenience and transportation vehicles and the generalized coverage to match. So it’s just not a system that’s really set up to accommodate more personal, specialized policies.

After the shortcomings of the big three became apparent to me, I focused my search for good specialty insurance on the less well-known providers. What worked best for me was to hunt among the companies that weren't so obscure I’d never heard of them, because that made me a little nervous, but weren't so huge that their focus was necessarily on standard insurers. The best bets were reputable and established insurance houses that weren't known for their car insurance and as such offered great policies to compete with the big three monoliths.

The example that comes to mind is a place like the Hartford. They meet the criteria- reputable and established but they don’t pop to mind for car insurance despite the fact that in 2012 they topped JD Power and Associate best car insurance provider list, came in at number three on MSN Money’s ranking and ranked among the top five on pretty much every other list of the kind. They also have a personalized antique/classic/specialty package that’s specifically tailored to a specific car and its owner.

Not that I’m suggesting necessarily that you run out and sign up with them immediately or anything, just that it’s those sorts of places where the best deals are found. In fact, after the research I've done, my advice is: the insurance-provider ranking lists I mentioned above are a great source for finding a great provider. They usually work with data that’s been culled from surveys that involved thousands of customers giving feedback. Once you've narrowed down a list of places that sound good and rank well, look over their specialty policies, get in touch with their agents and find the one that’s right for you! Good luck and good driving.

Author Bio

Edward Oberg is a writer who blogs on everything he finds interesting. While that covers a pretty broad range of possible topics, his writing focus often finds its way to anything automotive, water sports and fishing-related, travel and entertainment. He has a wonderful wife, a beautiful daughter and a friendly, rotund pug named Wallace.

The Secrets Of High Octane Powered Engine Speeds

“High octane” is a term many might get a headache thinking about. And when throwing "physics" into the same sentence, one might quickly turn and run the other way. However, one need not worry in this case—here, brought to you by Greenball Tires, the physics of high octane power will be basic enough for any layman to understand.

We’ll start with the term “octane” first. Octane has to do with volatility, or, when speaking of fuel, the tendency to explode. It’s a general rule that the lower the octane number of fuel, such as 87, the easier the fuel combustion under pressure. Conversely, the higher the octane number, the harder it is for combustion. This is why high octane fuel is more expensive—high octane fuel’s trait of combustion less easily has been shown to extend the life of high-performance engines, and many of these engines require use of this higher octane fuel to function correctly.

When many people think ‘high octane fuel,’ they think ‘fuel that’s more explosive than regular fuel.’ Well, believe it or not, high octane fuel is less explosive than the fuels with lower octane levels, which is optimal for high-performance engines. The reason for this has to do with how an engine compresses gas. All car and truck engines have motors that compress fuel.

As many know, high-performance oftentimes means more horsepower. And higher horsepower means greater forces throughout the engine (where, then, more force throughout the engine means more force to the wheels, where the driver feels the resulting horsepower).

The forces we’re concerned with here have to do with the force of an engine’s pistons plunging into its cylinders. When an engine pushes a piston into a cylinder, fuel beneath it gets compressed. If the fuel has a low octane level, it combusts easier during this compression. With a high-performance engine, it is not good for fuel to easily combust as the crankshaft turns at higher-than-normal revolution per minutes. The pistons in these types of engines move so fast that if they don’t have a pocket, so to speak, of fuel that is harder to combust, the piston may hit the bottom of the cylinder, which can cause major engine problems. Keep in mind that with lower-powered engines, fuel that combusts easily is innocuous to the engine—because the pistons are cranked into the cylinder with less force, they are unable to slam against the bottom of the cylinder. So, ultimately, high octane fuel keeps a high revving engine healthy.


Toyota is planning to bring its Hybrid Camry in the Indian market. The car will use an unconventional fuel rather than relying on the non-renewable energy resources. This seems to be a good move as this will help in reducing the carbon emission on the Indian roads. The country has seen a huge upturn in auto-mobile owners and it has created a condition which yields in higher fuel consumption as more people are using their own cars and thus adding more on already greater pollution. The hybrid cars are the need of the time and the future of the auto-mobile market. The market, for such cars, seem less but will surely see a growth as more global players are planning to bring such vehicles. 

The prospect of hybrid vehicles are high though they are not getting the expected response as it was the case with many variants released into the market in recent times like that of Honda Civic hybrid which did not generate a phenomean response. Toyota Camry features an electric/petrol drive train engine which is low on carbon emission and high on mileage. This car is not a new entrant here as this was launched around a decade ago and has got a good customer base because of its efficient engine and higher luxury quotient. The Toyota Camry price is set to be around a little higher than the standard version but not much higher. 
The design of this Camry Hybrid is different from the standard engine not only in terms of peripherals but also in engine quality. The car has a very good design which has been refined to look even better as it is evident from Toyota Camry pictures which are available online. The front grill has been reduced in size and so are the bumpers. The headlamps are now wider. The engine is 2.5 liter Atkinson cycle with four cylinders electric cum petrol engine. The max power it generates, is 156 Hp at 5700 rpm coupled with a max torque of 156 lb-ft at 4500 rpm. This was good on power when it was first launched and this time too it is good. The secondary electric powered engine generates an extra of 105 kw and this adds up to a total power of 2000 hp. 

Being so heavy on power, this Camry hybrid has got good fuel efficiency as well. The mileage as on the city streets is around 20 kmpl which is close even on highways. The mileage, however, varies from variants to variants and this drops to a lowest in XLE models and the reason for this being the 17 “ wheels in it. The exterior are all too nice and has been kept intact. The interiors though has been tweaked a little to include more space in the cabin. For the record, the interior is decorated with leather seats, a stitched dashboard which adds to the elegant style. The ravishing Toyota car has been a global best-seller for the Korean auto-maker. The luxury sedan carries the legacy for which Toyota cars are popular worldwide. Let us hope that this will be launched across the globe at a reasonable price soon.

Shweta Aggarwal is a guest author and sharing the news about hybrid cars with Hybridcarfuture's readers. Toyota is planning to launch it's new hybrid car Toyota Camry.
In America, the car is so much more than transportation from point A to point B. Cars symbolize freedom, success, independence, and innovation. For collectors, they provide a cherished connection to our history and art. Unfortunately, the beautiful automobiles that are prized collectors' items are also magnets for thieves. So, how can you keep your four-wheeled treasure secure? Follow these easy tips:

Remove Temptation

While the theft of an entire car is a tragedy, it's much more common for thieves to break in, stealing just a few valuables from inside. Despite not taking the whole vehicle, these smaller thefts can still result in major damage. Harm may come to a meticulously applied custom finish, or to locks with which the thieves have tampered. Often windows have to be replaced. Repairing this damage can be shockingly expensive. Therefore, it's much wiser to remove or obscure items that thieves find alluring. Empty change receptacles, remove the face plate from expensive stereos- and never, ever, ever leave keys, cell phones, or computers within sight.

Park Smart

Thieves thrive on seclusion. Many of them are expert at quickly entering a car before driving off within a matter of minutes. Accomplishing this is much easier under the cloak of darkness, when no one is likely to be watching. If you're parking in the street, it's always best to do so in areas where there is lots of foot traffic. Or, try to park your car in front of an open business. Avoid desolate back streets. When in doubt, paying to park in a well-monitored lot is worth the price of admission.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

In areas where exceptional vehicles are the norm, theft is a constant risk. Professional thieves often assess a neighborhood for juicy prospects before they do the deed. If you notice strange cars parked along your block for unusual amounts of time, or unfamiliar characters lurking around the neighborhood, take heed. They may be casing the joint. Call your local law enforcement agency to do a safety check. If their motivations are legitimate, the people in question will be cooperative. If they had any kind of malevolent intent, they'll be scared off. The important thing is to be very aware, and to let unfamiliar figures know that you're alert. They'll move on to an easier target.

Take Shelter

If your car is a collector’s item or simply a special vehicle that you value greatly- it's worthwhile to park it in a secured facility. This option provides the penultimate in theft protection since your car is safely tucked away in a secure enclosure, rather than being exposed in your own driveway. Additionally, shiny paint jobs and gleaming fixtures are all protected from the elements in a unit such as Houston TX self storage. You'll have the freedom to bring your car out for Sunday drives, or special events- but you'll never have to worry about calamity striking when you least expect it. When you love your car, it's absolutely worth it. You can learn more about safe storage for your vehicle at

4 Keys To A Happy Car

Many people rely on a car each day for work and for entertainment. Cars make it possible to get to locations that are inaccessible by any other means. A happy car provides safety, reliability and high performance. There are four keys to maintaining a happy car.

1. Drive Responsibly

Maintaining a happy car means driving in a way that does not place unnecessary strain on the different parts of the vehicle. Actions such as frequent and hard breaking and sudden acceleration will both start to wear down components like the brakes and the transmission. Drivers need to handle the car in a way that allows the engine, transmission and other parts to operate as intended. This will keep the car happy while also reducing the need for repairs and extending the life of the vehicle.

2. Maintain Fluids

The different fluids that are used by the various parts of the car need to be checked and refilled as necessary even between scheduled service visits. Oil is very important. The levels should be checked regularly since levels could drop suddenly if a problem occurs. Transmission fluid keeps the system from overheating. The fluids might need to be completely replaced between service visits. This is because the heat of the car and time will eventually change the basic properties of the fluids and make them less effective.

3. Regular Professional Maintenance

A happy car is a vehicle that is well maintained. This means taking the vehicle in for professional service according to the manufacturer recommendations. This could be after a certain amount of time or after a certain number of miles. Regular maintenance includes replacing important items like air filters or brake pads when necessary. Maintenance technicians will also replace damaged parts like leaking hoses, worn spark plugs and frayed electrical wires. This regular maintenance will keep the car happy and working as efficiently as possible.

4. Tire Care

Tire care is essential for a happy car. The first step is to use a tire size calculator to determine the optimal size of the tires for the car. Changing the tire size can improve safety and fuel efficiency. The tires need to be inflated to the correct level for the season. Tires need to be aligned regularly to prevent unnecessary strain on the transmission and brakes. Tire rotation improves handling and traction. Tires also need to be changed according to the season in order to get the best performance possible.

Maintaining a happy car means paying attention to some of the small signs that a problem might be developing. This includes unusual noises and smells as well as inconsistent performance. Taking care of these small problems will keep the car running happily for a long time.

Author Bio:

Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. She writes on a variety of topics, including cars, saving money and the great outdoors. This article was co-authored by Rhett J. Stone.
+Jayla Barnsen 
Cars are an essential part of American life. They get you where you need to go, but they can be dangerous when drivers don't operate them properly. Around 10 million car accidents occur every year in the United States, and accidents can cause serious or fatal injuries to the driver and passengers. Most wrecks could be prevented by avoiding some of the major causes of car accidents.


Nowadays, people have more electronic gadgets than ever before. Mp3 players, cell phones, and GPS systems are a part of everyday life, but they can also be a major distraction while you're behind the wheel. Many states have outlawed the use of electronic devices while driving, but the problem persists.

Teenage drivers are especially prone to text messaging while driving, and this makes them four times as likely to get into a crash. Drivers need to keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Cell phones should be turned off before you get in the car. Although it may seem convenient, eating in the car is also a major distraction, and you should avoid it.

Drunk Driving 

Drinking impairs a person’s judgment and senses. Driving Under Influence or DUI is responsible for a large percentage of car crash fatalities.

In addition, driving under the influence can result in arrest and serious legal problems, including prison sentences. If you've consumed any amount of alcohol, it's not a good idea to drive, even if you don't feel drunk. Find a designated driver before heading out for a night of partying, and take the keys away from someone who's attempting to drive drunk. They might be angry with you at the time, but they'll thank you for it later.


People often speed because they're in a hurry, but causing a fatal accident is far worse than being a few minutes late. When you're traveling over the speed limit, it's harder to stop or control your car should something unexpected happen.

Speed limits are posted to make driving safer, so you should follow them. Limits are generally lower in school zones or neighborhoods to avoid hitting pedestrians. Following the speed limit will drastically decrease your chances of causing an accident, and according to Engine Repair in Houston, totaling your car.

Well before I get to my point, I must tell you about how important are kids in our lives. I live in Lahore, Pakistan and enjoying my life with my parents. Currently, I am working with a Japanese used cars exporter. I have no sibling that means I am the only attraction of my parents in this world. That is way I faced many restrictions in my childhood. I was not allowed to go outside as commonly as my other friends could move and play different kind of games. Few months ago I had a negative feeling that why my parents were so strict or careful about me? But soon I found my answer through an incident.

Mr. Obaid is our neighbor living with his wife. They don’t have kids but the story wasn't the same 3 month ago. Mr. Obaid came to my home 4 months ago and asked me to suggest him a family or passenger car. I suggested him a car and they bought it after 15 days from my company’s showroom. As my social responsibility, I advised Mr. Obaid to keep all the precautions while driving a car including seat belt, door checks, wheels air etc. But He didn't paid attention to what I was talking about. In the first weekend after buying a car they went out for a picnic party to the nearest park. Mr. Obaid was driving, his wife was sitting on the back seat and a son with the age of 7 years was sitting on the 2nd front seat along with his daddy. The blunder my neighbor made that they didn't fastened the belt of their son and moreover the Mr. Obaid was driving at a speed of 75 to 80 miles per hour.

What happened was horrible and depressing. My neighbor’s car ran into a pickup truck and due to instant break, Mr. Obaid’s son came out from the front window by breaking it and died on the spot. That was really not worth telling what situation I saw there and in the hospital or in their house after the death of their beloved son.

But the question is that what made this accident to happen? What was the cause? Was it due to over speeding? Answer to all these questions is that only negligence made Mr. Obaid and his wife to live without their son.

Now, I am going to tell you about some precautionary measures or tips to keep your kid safe while driving and not to commit serious mistakes like Mr. Obaid did. Please have a glance on the tips below.

Car Safety Tips For Kids

1. Keep Your Younger Kid With You:

It is very important to keep the younger kid from 1 year to 6 or 8 years with you or if this is not possible then keep your kids at the backseat, install a child restraint (you can find anywhere in your local market) and fastened the belt.

2. Seat Belt (Double Check)

Fasten the seat belt of your kid and before moving, double check it because sometimes you do not pay attention in first time.

3. Lock The Doors  

It is very important to lock the back seat doors and try to keep your child away from the door lock because kids have the tendency to play with the door lock.

4. Turn off The Music Player And Car TV

I feel very bad about those people who have ruined their lives by losing their loved ones just due to some negligence. Car music and TV are some of the big attention grabbing objects. So, when driving a car, turn off your TV which is visible to the driver. It is recommended to lower the level of volume of music too because you have to listen every voice of your kid behind your seat.  

5. Keep Your Child Away From Airbag

Although airbag is for the safety yet it is only designed for the adults not for the children. They are very power full when inflated and they can injure a kid very badly. Airbag’s placement in the car is too low which can be a reason of suffocation. So, always place your child at the backseat.  

6. Don’t Keep Hard Things/Metal Along With Child Seat

Study tells that the child’s skin or body is more sensitive than an adult. So, don’t keep any hard thing or metal along with the child restraint or seat.  On the time of instant break or accident these things can make very dangerous damages to your child.

7. Always Pull Over When Kid Drops Something 

Survey found that very high percentage of people tries to pick up dropped things during driving which is very harmful. It is highly recommended to pull-over your car before picking up a dropped thing by your child.

8. Keep Small But Dangerous Things Away

It is experienced that people who smoke usually give their lighters to their child as a playing objects. This is very hard to believe but it happens. If you smoke and have a lighter so keep it with you and do not give it to your kid or do not keep it near to your child.

9. Keep Checking Your Kid 

  Don’t leave your child unattended. Children can do serious damage with themselves. So, keep checking your child by pulling over your car when at a long journey.

So, these were some of the important tips and precautionary measures during driving a car with a child.  I hope I have helped many family oriented people by writing this article. Kamran, the son of Mr. Obaid was just like a younger brother to me. I still remember that when I got a car in a reward to my promotion as a Marketing Manager, Kamran saw my car and said that I will also find an exporter of Japanese used cars, work with them and will get a car in a reward of my hard work.  I dedicate this article to him and I request all the parents to follow these instructions and tips to have a safe journey. You kids are your life so don’t ruin your life.

 Make it as happy and safe as you can with your children.

Car accidents are scary. The worst part is that they often occur when you least expect it. Being involved in a crash could mean living with permanent physical injury, psychological instability, or worse. Even when it is impossible to prevent a car accident from happening, there are ways to prepare yourself for the worst before it happens. Here are five things that you should be aware of, the next time you enter your vehicle.

1) Keep a notepad and pen in your glove box

It's always a great idea to have pencil and paper in the car because you never know what you might need to jot down. If you find yourself in a mess of metal and glass, record important bits of information so that the whole thing can be sorted out more quickly later. Document the time of the accident, the date, the location, and nearby businesses or landmarks. If you are involved in a crash with another vehicle, write down the license plate number, driver's license number, driver's name, and anything else you find to be important. All of this information can be very useful for rescue workers, law enforcement, legal workers, or anyone else who is called to the scene.

2) Ask witnesses what they saw

When two vehicles collide, it is usually the fault of one of those drivers and not both. Being blamed for an accident can have some unsavory consequences, like getting an increase in car insurance rates and not having the cost of the car damage covered by your insurance provider. To help get the story straight on your end, talk to bystanders to get their accounts of what happened. If you can have someone confirm your story in court, you should be in the clear.

3) Purchase car and health insurance if you don't already have it

If you don't have this "cushion" in place before the blow, you might find yourself in deep financial trouble. Having to pay for car damages out of your own pocket, and medical bills can become overwhelming. Be sure to look in depth at any insurance agency and what policies they can get for you.

4) Store a first aid kit in the car

Car crashes can cause minor to major physical trauma. You could suffer anything from a small scratch or bruise, to severe puncture wounds and lacerations. A first aid kit can be used to sanitize a wound, control the bleeding and more, keeping one on hand could mean the difference between life and death.

5) Have a car accident attorney on call

Car accident attorneys can be extremely helpful during your time of greatest need. These lawyers specialize in helping you get compensation for injuries and vehicle damage. You will find them to be of major assistance if you are involved in a major car accident. Find one easily by doing a local search like, “Car Accident Lawyer Pensacola”.
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There is nothing holding you back from anything if you have the right travel insurance. That is the beauty of it. Yes it is one of those boring, bureaucratic chores that you will more likely feel the need to completely forget about when you are planning for the trip of a lifetime, but truth of the matter is, sometimes you have to eat your vegetables as well.

So this is what you are looking at: a big juicy steak that is the trip itself, and the side order of steamed vegetables that is the travel insurance. It is easy to just focus on the red meat since that is what you have been dying to sink your teeth into for a long time, but deep inside, you know that the vegetables are a necessary food group to meet the demands of acquired vitamins for your inner organs and your bloodstream.

Cheap travel insurance (or as the Danes say Billig rejseforsikring) is not sexy. Nobody is trying to sell it off as if it was. It is the sensible and mature thing to do. Now, you may consider yourself a bit of a rebel, but there is no contradiction between being smart and still being a rebel. The rebel in you will not lose face because you sign up for an adequate travel insurance, quite the contrary; the rebel in you will likely go down on hands and knees thanking you when push comes to shove and some tropical disease starts doing a number on your internal organs.

Now the fiscal issue may be another factor that weighs in when you are considering travel insurance. Maybe you are starting to get cold feet because you feel like signing up for an insurance plan may take a larger chunk out of your tightly knitted budget than you originally had planned for. Well as valid of a concern that is, you have to balance the risk against the potential damages in the future.

People that have gotten away medically Scot free when they have undertaken a longer journey are an exception to the rule, so the odds for you making it are not in your favor. Having solid travel insurance is an easy way of securing yourself a little bit of piece of mind as you venture into the unknown.

So considering this tasty dish of life that any type of travelling is, whether it is the fast food extraordinaire of an all-inclusive package or the stew of a long trip that has been left to gently brew so all the different ingredients have blended together in an explosion of tastes, you have to listen to the voice of your parents instilled into your backbone, saying that you are not allowed to leave the table until you have finished your vegetables as well.

There is nothing cool about risking it all and leaving without travel insurance, it is just a spur of the moment decision that may come back to haunt you for as long as you live.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Mark Neyton. He is curently living in Denmark with his family and he is a writer interested in various topics like finances, leasing, home improvement. If you want to find more information about Mark you can follow him on Twitter.
+Mark Neyton 

The Government has announced that cases involving traffic-light jumpers and speeding motorists are to be dealt with by special traffic courts in an attempt bid to free up time for more serious cases.

About half a million motoring are heard in magistrates courts every year and on average take nearly 6 months from offence to completion even though 90% of such offences are guilty pleas or proved in absence. These delays are completely unacceptable and in a move to cut these delays the Ministry of Justice wants to set up traffic courts.

The justice minister Damian Green said: "Enforcing traffic laws is hugely important for road safety and saving lives……The justice system must respond more quickly and effectively to the needs of victims, witnesses and local communities, and these dedicated courts will enable magistrates to better organise their work and drive greater efficiency."

The government is in consultation with the judiciary as to how the traffic courts can be delivered across the country.

The nine police areas have trialled the new traffic courts - Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, Metropolitan police, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and West Yorkshire. According to Chief Constable Chris Eyre, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) these courts have radically simplified and speeded up the process, reduced the amount of adjournments and a single court can deal with up to 160 cases a day. He said "This is only implemented when there is a guilty plea or where the case against a defendant is not contested”.

As a personal injury lawyer representing injured vulnerable road users, cyclists and pedestrians one of the most frustrating aspects of my job is failure on the part of the police and CPS to taking motoring offences seriously. All to often a decision is taken not to prosecute a motorist on the basis that it is felt that that is insufficient evidence to secure a conviction. I welcome the news that special courts are to be set up but I hope that this will mean that serious motoring cases are dealt with effectively and are properly resourced. It is important that dangerous drivers are dealt with appropriately by the courts and this should include driving bans.

If the special traffic courts will result in reducing court backlogs this must be welcome development. The special courts must not however be seen as undermining the importance of compliance of traffic laws.

What do you think about these proposals? Let us know…

Comprehensive Range

We’re not talking about a single random scrapyard, but rather a huge network of authorized breakers yards that in essence come together to offer the biggest and most eclectic range of parts the UK has ever seen. And when it comes to the rarest of parts and those that haven’t been made by the manufacturer for decades, there’s really not a better place on Earth to turn. If a Peugeot part exists or has ever existed, this is where you’ll find it. 


Heading out to six or seven breakers yards in hopes of finding the Peugeot part you need isn’t exactly fun at the best of times – especially when you know full-well that you’re probably coming home empty handed. The alternative therefore is to sit at home, make a few clicks online and have someone else search the length and breadth of the country for the part you need in the best condition and at the cheapest price. And once it’s found, they’ll deliver it right to your door at no extra charge. 


And finally there’s the biggie – the price. Apart from maybe a branded garage selling official top-tier parts for exorbitant sums, chances are you aren’t going to find any third-party retailers offering price promises and guarantees. Shop online however and you not only stand to find what you need for less than half the price of the store-bought equivalent, but it will also come backed with guarantees that you simply will not find it cheaper anywhere else. 

Hook, line and sinker - the single best option on the market today for the UK’s Peugeot drivers. 

By Dave Marsh

Dave Marsh used to import hard to find Peugeot spares from the continent, though now spend his days writing on various subjects around the auto industry. 
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Goodwood Festival of Speed is a highlight on any British petrolhead’s calendar and the 2013 event is sure to be another spectacular event. The famous motoring festival happens every year and this will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, so you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a real party atmosphere.

Highlights of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 

The 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed is due to take place from 11th – 14th July in the grounds of Goodwood House, near Chichester, West Sussex. The main festival takes place over the weekend including Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but if you’re looking for inspiration for your next car purchase, why not head to Goodwood on the Thursday for the Moving Motor Show.

Here, you can take a look at some of the latest greatest models from a wide range of famous car manufacturers and even take some of them on test drives around the Goodwood Estate.

The Moving Motor Show is a great event to attend if you’re thinking of buying a new car – although if you’re splashing out on a vehicle, don’t forget to look into an online insurance policy to see if you could save money when it comes to getting your new pride and joy on the road. If you do end up buying a new car, consider multi car insurance policies, which cut out the hassle of insuring two vehicles separately.

The festival’s main events kick off on Friday 12 July. You can explore the site, watch drivers and riders practicing for the following day’s hill climb or look on in awe as wealthy motoring fans bid for high-value classic cars at the Bonhams’ Summer Sale.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy watching timed hill climb runs –a wide range of vehicles tackle the tough 1.16 mile course, which rises more than 300 feet.

If you’re a supercar fan, make sure you catch one of the Michelin Supercar Runs to see how some of the most expensive cars in the world perform on this testing course.

You can also watch motorbikes, vintage racers, touring cars and rally cars making their way to the summit and chat to the drivers in the Top Paddock once they have completed their runs.

Rallying fans will love watching some of their favourite drivers showing off their skills on the Forest Rally Stage, a 1.67 mile course designed by Hannu Mikkola; the 18-time WRC rally champion from Finland, whilst bike lovers can see some of world’s most talented riders in the world performing amazing tricks in the Goodwood Action Sports Arena (GAS).

Don’t forget to explore the vehicle display areas either. There are a number of dedicated display areas at Goodwood, including the Formula 1 Paddock, the Michelin Supercar Paddock and the Cathedral Paddock, and they are packed with priceless historic and contemporary vehicles you can look at in awe!

Will you be heading to Goodwood this year? Have you been before? What is it about Goodwood that we love so much?
Your car is like a member of your family, and, like the rest of your loved ones, you only want the best for your car when something breaks or your paint starts to peel. Why recycle your car or sent to the car removals if it’s not needed?

Some paint jobs, however, can cost in excess of a thousand dollars, even for the simplest of colors and the smallest of cars. For those who can't afford to have an expensive paint job done on their car, a few affordable yet quality alternatives are available.

3 Cheap Alternatives To Repaint Your Car

Do-It-Yourself: Head to the Hardware Store

That's right. The hardware store isn't just for homeowners or contractors anymore. Many people who want to breathe new life into their vehicles can head down to the hardware store, pick up a few items, put in some quality hours in the garage and have it all done for under $100.

To begin, purchase some sandpaper, painter's tape, foam brushes, paint trays and primer spray paint. Depending on the size of your car, you may need to purchase between four and six quarts of paint. A good thing to remember when purchasing paint is that you will likely need to apply at least six coats of paint to your car before the job is done.

Once you have purchased all the supplies you need, begin the prep work. Remove any and all pieces that come off easily. Doing this will help you avoid any unnecessary cleaning that may arise should you accidentally paint any headlights or other parts that should be left untouched. 

Next, thoroughly wash every piece of material that you plan to paint. Make sure your work area is clean and free from any extra debris. Dirt and grime that is left on the vehicle will cause a number of problems during the painting process.

Next you must mix your paint. Make sure the paint is mixed to the point where it looks and feels similar to milk. This will ensure that every part of the car is covered evenly and that there is no extra runoff after you are finished. 

It is also important that you plan how you want to paint your vehicle. Keep track of every part of the vehicle that you have already painted and remember to evenly spread the paint over each section of the car. 

While a significant amount of elbow grease is required for a decent paint job, doing it yourself certainly beats heading to Maaco to spend $1,500. 


Rustoleum offers a wide range of products for individuals looking to paint their cars at home. 

Head to your local hardware or automotive store and pick up four quarts of gloss Rustoleum, four cans of Rustoleum primer spray paint, sandpaper, acetone, painter's tape, a spray gun and air compressor. 

After you have completed the prep work, removed all necessary parts and cleaned the outside of your vehicle, you're ready to begin painting. If you plan on using a darker color for your car, make sure to apply a dark colored primer first. If you plan on using a lighter color for your vehicle, apply a light colored primer first. 

After you have completed the job, you'll want to let the car sit for a few days to let the paint cure. Similar to using regular paint, this will set you back between $100 and $200, depending on the size of your vehicle. 

Because Rustoleum products are exclusively made for automobiles, the process is relatively easy. Similar to other do-it-yourself jobs, you must have proper knowledge of how to use the products and what to do if you make a mistake. 

Good Old Fashion Spray Paint

A few cans of spray paint can go a long way for someone who knows what they're doing. 

Before you try this method, however, make sure you have had some training on how to properly use spray paint and have a backup plan in case it doesn't work out.

First, buy as much spray paint as you need from your local hardware store. Remove any parts of the vehicle that you don't plan on spray painting and set them to the side. 

Next, remove the hood completely and spray paint it by itself. This will make the process much easier and will keep the engine clean. After the entire car has been painted, let it sit for a couple of days to cure, wet sand the exterior of the vehicle and then apply a coat of polish.

While this is a very affordable alternative to spending thousands of dollars at a local collision and paint center, it is a very risky process. You may end up using too much paint and may have to repeat the process multiple times to get the look you want. 

Author Bio

Rebecca Smith’s is a car enthusiast that stems from working on cars with her Dad when you was just a young un’. She is interested in finding creative ways to reuse car parts or modify cars that are at the end of their years. In her spare time she runs a Car Removalist Company.
Driving’s a great way to see Brazil and get to its stunning beaches and most scenic parts, but be aware of some of the dangers… 

Driving hazards
Almost 40,000 people die on Brazil’s roads every year. Most of the deaths are causes by drunk or reckless drivers and the less than safe roads.

Drink driving has always been one of the biggest causes of accidents, but new Brazilian laws don’t allow you to drive even if you’ve only had the smallest amount of alcohol – you’re only allowed to drive with a maximum blood alcohol limit of 0.2g/l which takes into account trace amounts of the spirit found in mouthwashes.

That means that if you’ve only had a glass of wine or a single beer, you could be over the limit. And the more alcohol you’ve been drinking before driving, the bigger your fine will be if you’re caught by the police. This new law has helped bring down the number of alcohol-related deaths, but they are still tragically common. Try to avoid driving on public or national holidays when the locals will be out partying before getting into a car.

It’s not that Brazil’s road laws aren’t on par with those in Western Europe, it’s just that so many people ignore them. Drivers tend to respect speeding limits where they know there will be cameras. Brazilian motorists have been known to change lanes without warning, fail to stop at pedestrian crossings and swerve suddenly to overtake other cars. Notoriously, they don’t always keep a big enough space between cars either which often leads to collisions.
Later on at night, the motorways can become a playground for racers who blatantly flout speed rules and drive dangerously fast. The motorbike drivers are not much better than the car users, and often attempt daring manoeuvres to beat the traffic.

The situation is particularly bad in the more rural areas where the roads are less safe (often containing huge potholes), the nearest medical help may be far away and driving conditions become even more difficult as not all roads are well lit after dark. What’s more, drivers could encounter wild livestock roaming the roads or pedestrians who have learned to ignore traffic signs just like the drivers. Question marks have also been raised about the safety of cars manufactured in Brazil, with high mechanical failure rates posing even more risks. All this makes for a dangerous cocktail.

Car theft
Because the weather is so hot in Brazil and not all cars come with air conditioning, it’s easy for thieves to target vehicles which have stopped at a traffic light or for the driver to pop into a shop.
It’s always advisable to keep your doors locked and your windows closed at all times (especially when stopping at a red light) and remain vigilant. When you’re parked, keep your valuables hidden if you must leave them in your car.
Avoid getting lost and becoming an easy target by planning your route before you set off and having a detailed road map of Brazil in front of you. This is especially important if you’re exploring the more remote parts of the country where road signs can suddenly tail off, leaving you to fend for yourself.

If you’re in an accident
Brazilian road tax payments cover drivers for limited third party insurance, but take out your own private insurance policy as well so you’ll be covered for anything from auto glass replacement to more serious damage to the car.
If you get hit by another vehicle, try to get these details before they drive off:

  • The car’s registration number, make, model and  colour
  • The driver’s name, address, identity card number (if they’re a local) and telephone number
  • The driver’s insurance details in case you want to make a claim

If the accident is serious and you need to call for help urgently, have the federal highway police’s emergency number (191) and the ambulances and fire brigade’s number (193) handy in case your mind draws a blank.

What’s been your experience of driving in Brazil? 

Many of the car owners will get a common question in their mind that “how do I maintain my car?” and “how do I reduce the maintenance cost?”. Well the answer for these questions will be simple by following a regular maintenance plan. It is very essential to have a car maintenance plan as it will help reducing the cost of maintenance and will improve the reliability and safety of the car. It will also prove helpful to cut down the running cost of the vehicle by enhancing the fuel efficiency. So, what exactly that you need to do to prepare a perfect maintenance plan? It is very simply, as you must first start by reading the user manual of the vehicle. It is perhaps the best place to start with. This is the place where you will be able to find the car maker's maintenance schedules and recommendations that are completely based on your driving habits and patterns. Reading the manual will help you to obtain knowledge about changing engine oil, about the level of pressure in the tyres, and about several other things that helps to cut down the maintenance cost. These are the basic things that you can follow to maintain your beloved car and to improve its life. 

If you are not interested in maintaining your car on your own then you may have to find a reliable car service center that is connected to your new car dealers. You will also have to check whether it is a part of national chain or independent service. One of the most important thing is that you need to make sure whether the service center is equipped with certified technicians or not. This will ensure you that your vehicle will get a proper service at a reasonable price. While dealing with the technicians, it is very important for you to maintain proper communication with them and you need to be able to explain your problem so as to avoid misunderstandings. Today, auto services go high-tech, which indeed provide a better service and reduce the cost of maintenance. It is important for you to find the reliable dealer who is well equipped with high tech maintenance tools and kits. This will also reduce the time and hence prove very economical. 

There are lots of car care centers present across your regions but you'll have to find the most reliable service center. Many individuals face troubles with their car on the day when they have planed an holiday. For this you need to check for the condition of the car before the day of your are leaving to the holiday destination. This will help reducing the risks and help you to make perfect holiday plan. You must always check for the pressure in the tyre so as to avoid punctures and flat tyres. It will be helpful for you to obtain car care tips from the certified technician, which will help you to avoid rushing towards service centers for basic needs. One of the most important thing that every car owner needs to remember is that they need to maintain the car's speed levels under the manufacturer specified levels so as to enhance the fuel efficiency. If these tips are followed regularly then there is no doubt that your vehicle will last for a long time offering best of performance. 

 This article is posted by Shweta Aggarwal who is guest author.


Finally, the iconic Mini Cooper Countryman is launched in India with a starting price of Rs. 25.60 lakh. You might wonder that this is not the first time that a Mini Cooper is launched in the country. Yes, but this time around the German automaker BMW Group has brought this vehicle with diesel engine option. This makes the all new Mini as the first ever Mini to host a diesel engine. This time around the vehicle is brought to India as a CKD unit and it will be assembled at the BMW's Chennai based manufacturing facility. Launched in overall two variants, the all new BMW Mini Cooper Countryman price starts at Rs. 25.60 lakh and it goes up to Rs. 28.90 lakh (ex showroom price Mumbai). There is already the petrol variant of the Mini is being sold in India and now with the introduction of diesel variant, Mini's India portfolio has got increased. This new vehicle however, is not as powerful as its petrol version but it is surely a target to the Indian car enthusiasts. The all new Mini Cooper D Countryman sports a powerful 1.6 litre diesel beast that has the capability of producing 112Bhp of maximum power and 270Nm of peak torque at 1750Rpm. Its engine is paired with a 7 speed automatic transmission gearbox and it enables the car to produce 16.6Kmpl of maximum mileage. 

The all new D Countryman has the top speed of about 180Kmph and it can accelerate from 0-100Kmph speed in just about 11.3 seconds. The company has made a wise move by introducing the vehicle through CKD route, which would bring down the price. Perhaps it is the only vehicle that is competing with itself in the Indian domestic markets. However, it could face challenges from the upcoming Mercedes Benz A class hatch in the domestic markets but Mini has the edge over rest of the models. Although, it is small and compact, it offers comfortable seating space for about 4 people inside while providing lavish comfort and convenience features. The all new Mini Cooper countryman features some of the most advanced and innovative features such as automatic stability control tranction control, anti lock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution. This new car also features a DSC (dynamic stability control that stabilizes the driving situations. Apart from these, the car comes with some of the standard features like AC, music player, multifunction steering wheel, ABS, central locking and few other important features. It has a total 47 litres of fuel tank capacity. 

If it comes to the discussion about the appearance and style of the car, the new Mini has got the iconic looks. It comes with the same classy and sporty body design that has caught the attention of many individuals. By looking at the Mini Cooper Countryman pictures provided in the official portal, the car has got a stunning front fascia while the rear part looks to be very sporty. You can also notice that there is a lot of chrome finishing at the front that gives a premium feel. The front chrome grill brings the aggressive look to the front while with tail lamps bring the sportier appearance at the rear. The overall look of the vehicle is far more than impressive. 

This post has been written by Shweta Aggarwal.

Street-rods were founded upon "bigger is better". These days, with innovation being at the vanguard of automobile performance, bigger is not automatically better. Nowadays it comes down to adding power through an aggressive motor in addition to a light-weight frame.

Plan your modifications

Many people choose parts on a feel-good factor. We would like that intake or desire that exhaust since we want the motor to sound great, and deliver more punch. However then we discover that we are considering going a separate path, suddenly the exhaust is not big enough or too big, and the intake doesnt work now. At this stage we have found that we squandered cash and really should have come up with a strategy based on the objective of the car.

Choose your individual staging

If haven't got the vehicle, you need to establish which platform you will be going to go for prior to your mod plan. This relates to determining which type of racing or functionality you prefer from the vehicle. For flat-out muscle, practically nothing will beat starting with a factory turbo or a V8 motor.


The mission of drag-racing is to speed down 1320 feet as swiftly as you possibly can. Consequently your vehicle should be as light as achievable, start as rapidly as is possible, and have as very much usable power available as possible. If the car has front wheel drive, you should have a set of slicks and a limited slip-diff. If the car is rear wheel drive, you could potentially pull off using street-slicks, then again this won't work for dedicated drag racers.

Road Racing

Road racing demands power and all around amazing handling and stopping power. Road racing means approx 30mins of continued punishment. Vehicles that are light-weight and control well could easily have much faster lap times compared to cars generating double the power, and so it's actually a game of harmony. For competitory use, you should get a set of road-racing-tyres and a set of rims to match.

Auto X

Auto X especially wears down tyres from parking-lot racing. You need, first-rate torque, and a functional power-band as a lot of of the time your speed is going to be below 60 mph for typically nearly 1-2 mins each time. Most crucial will be your tyres and the suspension setup. Therefore you'd have to get tyres which are capable of handling well on gravel and heat up swiftly.

Car Modification planning

Not all the mods need to be complete simultaneously, however, many will require a modification prior to moving to the next stage, and so plan that too.
Intake System

If you have no turbo but you plan to add one later, skip the intake. The intake will be redone when you add the turbo. Additionally, should you opt for a turbo kit, nearly all come with an intake kit.

Exhaust System

The more boisterous the exhaust the greater power it delivers, right? Wrong. Simply since an exhaust is noisy does not mean that the car is creating greater power than an equivalent vehicle with a less noisy exhaust.

Turbo Kits

If your own vehicle did not include a turbo from the factory, then this is first on the list. Then, when you buy your exhaust, you can also get the whole system re-tuned. Do it all at once and you will inevitably end up getting accustomed to the power far too early, and will want more.

So to conclude

There are so many mods available its impossible to cover everyone in one article. But, I wanted to cover the most important for beginners. Modifying vehicles is fascinating, and incredibly satisfying, and it also does not have to be rocket-science to get the ideal set-up.

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