In America, the car is so much more than transportation from point A to point B. Cars symbolize freedom, success, independence, and innovation. For collectors, they provide a cherished connection to our history and art. Unfortunately, the beautiful automobiles that are prized collectors' items are also magnets for thieves. So, how can you keep your four-wheeled treasure secure? Follow these easy tips:

Remove Temptation

While the theft of an entire car is a tragedy, it's much more common for thieves to break in, stealing just a few valuables from inside. Despite not taking the whole vehicle, these smaller thefts can still result in major damage. Harm may come to a meticulously applied custom finish, or to locks with which the thieves have tampered. Often windows have to be replaced. Repairing this damage can be shockingly expensive. Therefore, it's much wiser to remove or obscure items that thieves find alluring. Empty change receptacles, remove the face plate from expensive stereos- and never, ever, ever leave keys, cell phones, or computers within sight.

Park Smart

Thieves thrive on seclusion. Many of them are expert at quickly entering a car before driving off within a matter of minutes. Accomplishing this is much easier under the cloak of darkness, when no one is likely to be watching. If you're parking in the street, it's always best to do so in areas where there is lots of foot traffic. Or, try to park your car in front of an open business. Avoid desolate back streets. When in doubt, paying to park in a well-monitored lot is worth the price of admission.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

In areas where exceptional vehicles are the norm, theft is a constant risk. Professional thieves often assess a neighborhood for juicy prospects before they do the deed. If you notice strange cars parked along your block for unusual amounts of time, or unfamiliar characters lurking around the neighborhood, take heed. They may be casing the joint. Call your local law enforcement agency to do a safety check. If their motivations are legitimate, the people in question will be cooperative. If they had any kind of malevolent intent, they'll be scared off. The important thing is to be very aware, and to let unfamiliar figures know that you're alert. They'll move on to an easier target.

Take Shelter

If your car is a collector’s item or simply a special vehicle that you value greatly- it's worthwhile to park it in a secured facility. This option provides the penultimate in theft protection since your car is safely tucked away in a secure enclosure, rather than being exposed in your own driveway. Additionally, shiny paint jobs and gleaming fixtures are all protected from the elements in a unit such as Houston TX self storage. You'll have the freedom to bring your car out for Sunday drives, or special events- but you'll never have to worry about calamity striking when you least expect it. When you love your car, it's absolutely worth it. You can learn more about safe storage for your vehicle at


jennie garth said...

These important tips given by you are very valuable and important in terms of avoiding car theft. These days, even cars with competent alarm systems and anti theft devices are prone to theft and even vandalism. This specially becomes a problem for those people who have to park their cars in the open at night. I have installed a camera in my parking space and even have a provision at my workplace too, which enables me to monitor any wrongdoing with my car.
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