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If you own a classic car, that fine piece of equipment is often classified as your baby. Just like you would take care of your little one, you need to make sure that you take time to take care of your classic car. Older cars, while they are classics with a great reputation, are more susceptible to having mechanical issues if they are not regularly maintained. To keep your car in tip top shape, here are 5 of the most common issues you may need to solve.

5 Common Car Maintenance Issues 

Car leak are perhaps the most common problem reported by classic car owners. While these leaks can occur a number of different places, in classics made by all of the most respected manufacturers leaks generally occur around the valve covers, the main seals, and the crankshaft seals.

1. Valve Cover Leaks

If you know your way under the hood of your classic Mercedes you must also know that what is a valve cover, you do not necessarily need to schedule Mercedes repair to fix a valve cover leak. This repair can easily be made if you remove your valve cover and replace the old gaskets with new ones that will sit flat and prevent further leaks.

2. Main Seal Leak

If you are a classic car enthusiast but not necessarily a mechanic, you may need to schedule Mercedes service and maintenance to fix a main seal leak. Because this seal is located in a place that cannot easily be accessed, it takes a lot more knowledge and work to fix. In some cases, the transmission and the clutch will need to be removed to access the main seal.

3. Crankshaft Seal Leak

Also known as the harmonic balancer seal, the crankshaft seal is located at the front of the engine and may not require in-depth mechanical skills to repair. By purchasing a seal kit, you can remove the harmonic balancer and install the sleeve to stop the leaks in the crankshaft. While you will need to follow directions, there are plenty of instructions that can be found on the Internet for do-it-yourself repair.

4. Door and Window Seal Leaks 

Oil leaks are not the only leaks you must worry about. Your door and window seals keep the outside elements out of your vehicle. If they are leaking, they have probably worn or cracked. The seals can easily be replaced with seals from the manufacturer or seals from an aftermarket parts company. Once you order the seals, you need to remove the old seals from the pins they are clipped in to install the new seals.

5. Fading Finish 

Over time, the dirt builds up and causes your paint finish to fade. By using a mild soap designed for cars on a routine basis, and waxing and buffing your baby by hand, you can protect the finish and make your baby shine.

Maintaining your baby is all about identifying problems before they get serious. While some work must be performed by a professional, many problems can easily be fixed on your own.


Maruti Suzuki is India's largest car manufacturing company. The C segment saloon car Maruti Suzuki SX4 from this company has been spotted again with a complete new avatar. This vehicle has never tasted a success like other Maruti cars in India. Despite of being one of the good cars, it has failed to lure the customers in the markets. In order to make things right, the company is planning to introduce the facelift version of the Suzuki SX4 in the markets, which is expected soon this year. In fact the vehicle has been spotted on Indian roads which it was doing some test runs. Moreover, the facelift version has been spotted at an authorized dealer based in Bangalore, which makes us believe that the vehicle might be launched in the country sooner. 

The new version of SX4 was already launched in Chinese markets few months earlier and now it is slated for a launch in the Indian markets this year. The new SX4 comes with some exciting changes inside and out helping it to become more luxurious and feature rich model. The car which was launched in China earlier this year is expected to come with same exteriors and interior features this year. However, the company has not made any announcement regarding the official launch of this vehicle. 

If we discuss about the improvements in this car, the all new SX4 has got a new front fascia with an all new design chrome grille replacing the previous honeycomb grille. The new chrome grille has now got horizontal slats that makes it look more like a premium class sedan. This time the car has got a smoked out headlamps design along with a new design front bumper that gives an aggressive look to the vehicle as you can see in the Maruti Suzuki SX4 pictures. As far as Maruti Suzuki SX4 features and interiors are concerned, the car has got a new beige and black colored shade inside along with a new dashboard with black finishing. 

It has also got the beige upholstery with set of new features inside the car making it more premium from the inside. There is no doubt that the facelift version of SX4 looks much better than its previous version both in terms of appearance and features. If it comes to the specification part, the car is likely to retain the same engine in the existing variant. However, there is a possibility that the car might get a 1.4 liter petrol engine, which would bring down the price of the vehicle. The existing version of the SX4 are available with two engine options such as 1.6 liter petrol and 1.3 liter diesel. 

The petrol car variant is available with manual as well as automatic transmission options but the diesel version of the car comes only with manual transmission gearbox option. At present there is no information about the pricing of this vehicle but experts believe that the Maruti Suzuki SX4 price might remain to be the same as its existing version so that it can give tough times to its competitors. On the whole, it is a good vehicle to choose as it comes with affordable pricing, advanced features and superior specification. The wait for the car is just about few more weeks before it arrives on the Indian shores.

How To Avoid A Lemon When Shopping For A Car

You cannot afford to make a mistake when purchasing a car. If you find out that your car is a lemon, it can be hard to get your money back even if you can prove that you were duped. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you don't get stuck with a lemon in the first place.

Get A Used Car Report

The first step that you should take is to get a vehicle history report on any vehicle that you plan on purchasing. When you go to Jeep dealerships Westchester NY, you should be able to get this report fairly easily. These reports can tell you if the car has been in a previous accident or if the car has been repaired in any other way.

Take A Test Drive

Before purchasing your next car from a pre owned Jeep dealer Westchester NY, make sure that you take a test drive. This will ensure that you get to see the car in action before your purchase it. If you get the impression that there may be something wrong with the car, do not purchase it. As you drive, listen closely for any squeaks, groans or any other odd noises that could indicate that the car is a lemon.

Have It Inspected By An Independent Mechanic

If the dealer agrees to do so, you should get the car inspected by a mechanic of your choosing. Your mechanic should be able to tell you if there is anything wrong with the car that could cause you to spend more time than you want to in a repair shop. At the very least, make sure that the dealer has conducted a thorough inspection before you buy the car.

Ask For A Warranty

The best way to protect yourself against a bad car is to have a good warranty. Generally, you will have three days or a certain number of miles to return the car with no questions asked. Additionally, you can purchase an extended warranty to cover the cost of any future repairs that need to be made.

Choosing the right car is a decision that you only get to make once. Therefore, you need to make sure that the car you purchase is going to be reliable and last for a long time. The good news is that avoiding a lemon is as easy as doing your homework and not buying a car without taking a test drive.

Daniel Harris possesses a creative mind that drives him to express himself with any medium he can get his hands on. He currently funds his artistic endeavors by writing for BYK Additives & Instruments who specializes in color measurement.

In a world of increasingly similar people, there is the urge to be unique, to mold your vehicle into an outward vision of your personality. It grants a certain status. You are the person that has the guts to proclaim to the neighborhood who you are. Unfortunately guts and courage will not counter the accidents, changes in personal taste, or the very real potential of a resale that might dampen any urge to buy a custom paint job.

Accidents Happen

Inexperienced drivers, slippery weather conditions, and the occasional mistake in judgment mean that your car is an accident waiting to happen the moment that you drive it off the lot or out of the shop. Accidents lead to chips and scratches on your car and the potential need to replace entire doors that are beyond repair. Not a problem, right? You just have to touch up that cool custom paint job that all your friends’ envy. Easier said than done.

Custom paint jobs, while cool, deviate from the normal colors that a car is typically painted. This isn't a problem until it’s dragged into the shop and the car mechanic has to try and match your cars color code, which can be unique if you had the pain custom made which turns the matching game into a guessing game. Because of  how color is measured, it is difficult for the mechanic to find that exact shade of blue when there are ten million possible color variations. Depending on the quality and resources available to the mechanic that will be in charge of the repaint, they may not have the material available that will allow for the identification of the exact shade that was used on the custom job. The wrong choice and your car could be painted two different shades of blue. What was once cool and visionary becomes a mockery of what it once was.

People Change

Custom designs, especially custom designs that have flames, thunder bolts and any other number of symbols might lose their significance as individual’s age. Cars for many are an investment. They are meant to be the mode of transportation that can last years and sometimes decades. It is important to project ahead when considering a custom paint job. At twenty-one purple and blue lightning bolts running down the side of the car may seems cool, but will the cool factor be maintained as the years pass? Before making any big purchases or decisions you should project ahead and ask yourself: “in twenty years will I wonder why I wanted this?”

Resale Plans

If you get to the point that you’re wondering why you purchased that unique paint job, you might decide to sell it. Selling the car is problematic because the second that you deviated from the norm you opened yourself up to a potential loss in resale value. The problem is that the demand for a car with lightning bolts down the side is not high. This is reflected in the price.

There is the possibility that the modifications in the paint job could fall into a niche of people eager to buy the car for or above resale value. There is the possibility that the car mechanic has the gadgets necessary to pin point that exact shade, and there is a slither of the chance that you will never get into an accident. This possibility should be considered remote for the potential buyer. The odds are not in your favor. After you have considered the potential pit falls of a custom paint job, and still desire a lightning bolt covered car go for it. Or the time being at least you’ll be the coolest person in the neighborhood. And that is something that money can buy.

Vince Evans was a light mechanic and auctioneer until he went back to his old love, writing. Rather than shouting at North Easterners, he prefers to write about New Jersey used cars dealers.

When thinking of decking out your car you should research to see how much that modification might increase or decrease the overall resale value of the car.

Personalized Aesthetic Modifications

Some modifications like wings attached to the rear of the car or a giant picture of a unicorn paint job might have disastrous effects on the resale value. Okay, yes most people won’t paint a giant unicorn on their car, but the overall concept is true. What is charming to you might be ugly to them. These types of modifications are all flash. They modify the car to fit you. The payoff for these is the personal satisfaction that comes with knowing that you are unique and not like all of those zombies that own the same car.

The problem with personalized aesthetic mods is that the resale value corresponds with the number of people that are willing to buy the car. Because most people are zombies that like to play it safe and not mod enthusiasts, the resale value might take a dive. When you try to sell a mod car to the masses, they sometimes get uncomfortable when they think about owning a car with some kinds of mods. They like normal cars that are a solid red, white, or black. They want the end of their car to be wingless, and they desire to avoid the shame and embarrassment that might arise in formal social situations when people see them climb out of their car at the company picnic. These types of people might not be able to see themselves buying the modified car at market price, let alone above market price. For that reason personalized modifications do not always sell well and should be considered only if resale value does not matter.

The Warranty Problem

Whether resale of a modified car is on the horizon, you should check beforehand if the mod can void the warranty. There are documented cases of warranties being voided because poorly installed modifications led to damage to the vehicle. A voided warranty will lead to a drastic dip in the resale price.

Modifications that Appeal to the Masses.

That being said certain modification when installed skillfully and correctly do appeal to the masses and can increase or at least not hurt the resale value. Replacing that old cassette tape player with a CD player or installing a TV with a DVD player into the back of a mini-van can increase the overall sale price. Soccer moms are less likely to road rage when their kids are occupied with a movie instead of arguing in the back seat. Likewise replacing the ratty seats with new leather can raise the comfort level, aesthetic appeal, and sales price of the eventual sale. It is important to make all mods appeal to a large demographic. Ask yourself what kind of people would buy a car with this modification. If you have a fairly large list of potential buyers, the modification should be safe to install.

Whether the mod is a functional or an aesthetic change, the potential mod buyer should be aware how the changes will affect how used car dealers from New York, Idaho or California will be able to sell your car. The wrong modifications could lead to a larger dip in the sales price than might be expected. And the right one can drastically increase what you can expect for the car.

Toyota, the Japanese Auto Major's Toyota Etios has been spotted with set of cosmetic updates and it is expected to be rolled out in the markets soon. Our trusted sources have constantly reporting about the updated version of Liva and now they have spotted the 2013 Toyota Etios Liva facelift version, which will be arriving in the markets soon. We have already reported about the Toyota's plans on February 7th, earlier this year and now it is all but official that the facelifted Etios will arrive in markets with some major modifications.

According to the video released by the company, the car has got some major modifications inside the cabin. Now the inside of the car looks much premium than its existing version. Toyota has used some of the finest fabric to give a premium feel to the switchgear, dashboard, and door panels as you can see in the Toyota Etios pictures. On the other side the dashboard now gets a beige finishing, new seat fabrics, adjustable headrest that makes the vehicle more luxurious. It has also got Bluetooth supportive music system that indeed offers high definition entertainment to the passengers.

According to our trusted sources, the Japanese auto maker is planning to introduce a 1500cc petrol engine powered version in the markets. However, it is still unclear that the Etios Liva will be getting a 1.5 liter petrol engine or not. We cannot ignore the possibility of placing the 1.5 liter powered petrol engine in the high end variant of Toyota Etios. This will certainly make the car as one of the most powerful hatch in the segment and makes it as one of the best choice. However, the Toyota Etios price might be hiked because of these updates.

There are some more changes that include the improved braking system along with re-tuned suspension system, much wider wheels that complements additional power and so on. Toyota Cars are known for the quality benchmarks across the globe but they face criticism from many individuals because of the not-so-impressive interiors. Etios was one of those cars that received strong criticism from the markets because of its interiors. This is the reason why the sales of the company were not up to the mark in the recent times. Now the company seems to be realized about the actual problem and disclosed its plans about the face-lifted version of its hatchback.

There is no doubt that most of the Toyota Etios features will be improved and will definitely provide better comforts with better driving experience. If you just take a look at the Toyota Etios Pictures closely, you can notice that OVRMs gets an edgy housing with indicator lamps, design of the tail lamps have been slightly revamped and so on. The rear part of the car looks very decent with much premium look with the cosmetic updates. There is no wonder that the new 2013 face-lifted Etios will grab your attention in the first impression. There is still no update about the official launch date of the Etios Liva Hatch in the markets but many are anticipating that the vehicle will arrive shortly by the end of this month. If the rumors goes right, the vehicle will arrive in this month to lure the Indian car enthusiasts.

This post has been written by Shweta Aggarwal on Toyota Etios.