Toyota is planning to bring its Hybrid Camry in the Indian market. The car will use an unconventional fuel rather than relying on the non-renewable energy resources. This seems to be a good move as this will help in reducing the carbon emission on the Indian roads. The country has seen a huge upturn in auto-mobile owners and it has created a condition which yields in higher fuel consumption as more people are using their own cars and thus adding more on already greater pollution. The hybrid cars are the need of the time and the future of the auto-mobile market. The market, for such cars, seem less but will surely see a growth as more global players are planning to bring such vehicles. 

The prospect of hybrid vehicles are high though they are not getting the expected response as it was the case with many variants released into the market in recent times like that of Honda Civic hybrid which did not generate a phenomean response. Toyota Camry features an electric/petrol drive train engine which is low on carbon emission and high on mileage. This car is not a new entrant here as this was launched around a decade ago and has got a good customer base because of its efficient engine and higher luxury quotient. The Toyota Camry price is set to be around a little higher than the standard version but not much higher. 
The design of this Camry Hybrid is different from the standard engine not only in terms of peripherals but also in engine quality. The car has a very good design which has been refined to look even better as it is evident from Toyota Camry pictures which are available online. The front grill has been reduced in size and so are the bumpers. The headlamps are now wider. The engine is 2.5 liter Atkinson cycle with four cylinders electric cum petrol engine. The max power it generates, is 156 Hp at 5700 rpm coupled with a max torque of 156 lb-ft at 4500 rpm. This was good on power when it was first launched and this time too it is good. The secondary electric powered engine generates an extra of 105 kw and this adds up to a total power of 2000 hp. 

Being so heavy on power, this Camry hybrid has got good fuel efficiency as well. The mileage as on the city streets is around 20 kmpl which is close even on highways. The mileage, however, varies from variants to variants and this drops to a lowest in XLE models and the reason for this being the 17 “ wheels in it. The exterior are all too nice and has been kept intact. The interiors though has been tweaked a little to include more space in the cabin. For the record, the interior is decorated with leather seats, a stitched dashboard which adds to the elegant style. The ravishing Toyota car has been a global best-seller for the Korean auto-maker. The luxury sedan carries the legacy for which Toyota cars are popular worldwide. Let us hope that this will be launched across the globe at a reasonable price soon.

Shweta Aggarwal is a guest author and sharing the news about hybrid cars with Hybridcarfuture's readers. Toyota is planning to launch it's new hybrid car Toyota Camry.


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