Driving Under Influence or DUI is a havoc which keeps resulting in many tragic mishaps in the form of financial loss or in many cases, the loss of precious human lives. Therefore, exciting work is under way with a change in approach for control of drunk drivers. In addition to strict laws and stiff penalties, law enforcement is working towards prevention. Imagine that, finding a way to stop drunk drivers from getting into their cars, or getting the cars started.

That is exactly what is happening at this time. Car manufacturers, the U.S. government and individual states are all working on separate plans for prevention of drunk driving. There are three main projects underway. Each one has a different approach to the problem.

Driving Under Influence (DUI) Prevention APPS

A number of states now have anti DUI smart phone apps that query the driver. If a certain number of questions are answered incorrectly, a red light comes on. These apps can be kept in places that sell alcohol as well as on private smart phones. If the host or bar owner feels a person is inebriated the smart phone app can be put to work. At the discretion of the establishment they may refuse to supply any more alcohol to the driver under influence. Some of these apps have adapters that the supposed drunk driver must use to have their breath analyzed. This may be the first type of smart phone anti DUI application available for use by the public. The reason is because the technology is already present and approved in cases of DUI, by the courts.

Concept Car - Active Warnings

Some new cars are under development outside the United States are working on plans that definitely take a different approach against the problem of Driving Under Influence. If the car senses erratic driving, caused by alcohol or any other reason, several warnings are given to the driver. If there is no response eventually, the car will lose power and have to pull off the road.

Other projects have the transmission knob for shifting detect alcohol in sweat on the hand of the driver. Evidently a certain level of intoxication must be reached before this can even be detected.

Auto Manufacturers Plan to Stop Drunk Driving

Over ten million dollars is being spent on a unique way to stop any drunk driver from starting their car. To start the vehicle a button is pushed. At that time a laser light shines on the spaces between the fingers and detects the amount of alcohol in the blood of the person trying to start the car. Should the driver be inebriated beyond a certain level, the car will not start.

This is good news for everyone, including those who drink and drive. It will certainly be preferable to be prevented from driving than to be involved in an accident or a problem with the law. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence be sure to employ a reputable DUI attorney San Diego County.


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