Spring is upon us and isn't it a wonderful time of year? We throw open our windows, clean our homes from top to bottom and start to look forward to longer days and the approaching summer.

But spring cleaning shouldn't be confined to just your home. Why not get the kids involved and give your car a complete makeover from top to bottom? The added bonus is that you will find all sorts of long lost treasures hiding in the nooks and crannies. Here are some great ideas from Diamond to get you started with the different ways to decorate your car

Cleaning out the car

The car decoration is of no use if the cars are not tidy and especially after winter are often muddy and in need of a clean, so start by taking some soapy water to its exterior to get your motor shining again. Remove the car mats and replace them if they are looking a little worn. Replace the car seat covers with something bright and cheery to reflect the spring theme. Vacuum everything thoroughly and use a stiff brush to loosen any stubborn dirt.

If your car has a musty smell, sprinkle baking soda on the upholstery and rub it in gently. Leave it overnight and vacuum up the residue the next day. This grandma tip is guaranteed to shift the most doggy of smells!

Accessorizing the car

Most local print stores can make custom decals based on images that you choose. Decals are like stickers but are hardier and can endure the elements that a car is subjected to. Why not choose a spring theme such as gardening or honey bees and print out some decals to place on your car’s body.

Or to make your car stand-out from the crowd even more, how about Car-Jazzling?

Car-jazzling is the art of personalizing your car to brighten it up and reflect the light-heartedness of spring.

Take a look at your car headlights and imagine them with long, pretty eyelashes. Car eyelashes are widely available online but haven't really caught on in the UK yet. Watch all of the copycats in your street when they see how adorable this simple modification looks.

If you want to keep the car decoration a little more low-key we can turn our attention to the interior.

Buy a piece of AstroTurf and cut it into the shape of your rear parcel shelf. This cute garden bed can then house some imitation flowers, a white picket fence made from cardboard and a handful of small toys. Your kids will love it!

A more conservative option would be to keep a plastic vase in your car and fill it with fresh flowers. This would fit in with the spring theme and give your car the scent of freshly cut flowers. It really will feel like spring has finally arrived!

Your car is an extension of your personality so why not accessories it as such? It is just a bit of fun and if you can always take it down when you have had enough of it. Go on, get some car decoration for fun!


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