Driving is an expensive business these days and when the cost of living is increasing, keeping costs down has never been more important. Here are some simple ways you can drive your costs down...

Consider a smaller car

Do you need an estate car these days or is it just excessive now? There are many benefits in having a smaller car so consider downsizing. Smaller cars are cheaper to run, cheaper to insure and easier to drive therefore you are likely to use less fuel as you try to park or get around town.

Drive Economically

There are a number of things you can do to drive more economically to reduce your fuel costs. Try and go on longer drives so bundle your to-do list together to a bigger list as it takes a lot of fuel to get the car going so lots of short drives is not good for it. Additionally try and reduce harsh braking by slowing to a stop as this will reduce fuel consumption also. Also travel light, reduce any additional weight to the car as this will just add to your fuel consumption.

Compare Car Insurance

This is such an obvious one but is often ignored. Many people are not good at shopping around to see if they can get a better deal for their car insurance. When your renewal comes in, get onto a car insurance comparison site to see what deals you could get. You might be applicable for a multi car insurance deal for you and your partner. This can save you a lot of money so consider these deals when comparing prices.

Learn about your car

Now we are not suggesting that you get a degree in mechanics but if you take the time to learn a bit more about your car, it can really help when it starts having issues. It could even be as simple as learning how to change your tires in case you have a puncture at the side of the road and have to fork out for the AA man to come and rescue you! Just learn some general maintenance for your car so you can help keep it healthy between services.

Regularly service it

Your annual mileage service is not there to make you spend MORE money on your car, it is there to help keep costs down and to keep you safe. As soon as there is a problem with the car, get it checked out. Generally the longer you leave it, the more expensive it will be as it reacts with the other parts of the car. If you are worried about the costs of a garage, look into your local garage who are likely to have lower costs. Chat to your neighbours and get advice from them about where they go.

Consider a hire car

If you already have one car in the household, do you need a second one? Or is it just on the odd occasion you really need it? Consider all the costs involved with buying and running your own car... do you need it? If you can afford to get rid of it, you can always hire a car or lift share with someone else. Definitely consider it.

There's no denying that owning and driving a car is expensive but if you are clever and economical about it, you can save yourself some money.


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