Once you’ve found the perfect car, you have to take steps to customize it to your unique personality and taste. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to customize your ride. Keep these five customization ideas in mind when planning what to do to make your new car truly your own.

1. Change the upholstery.

The interior of the car can be leather or a unique pattern on fabric. You’ll also want your seats to be comfortable to sit in while driving or for your guests when riding, Select from options including cloth, leather, faux leather, and suede to truly customize your ride.

2. Change the paint job.

Decals make your car stand out in a crowd, but they are temporary and do not look as sharp and professional as a paint job done at an auto body shop like the one my friend runs in West Chester, PA. They can also peel off once they’ve been on your vehicle for a while. Anyone can go buy a sticker and slap it on their vehicle, but getting a custom paint job takes dedication and love for the design. A few racing stripes, a logo or a design creates a unique look that is sure to stand out whether you’re in a tiny town or large city.

3. Get a custom license plate.

Getting a custom plate doesn’t cost too much money and it grabs the attention of anyone sitting behind you in traffic. It will also be easier to remember your license plate when you need to write it down on forms or identify it to someone. You have so many options when it comes to selecting a license plate.

4. Add aftermarket lights.

Lighting is versatile and can be added in the front, back or along the sides. Use brightly colored lights to highlight your car’s primary color. Don’t go too crazy on the lights though. If you go on overkill than you might end up having too many contrasting looks that creates disorganization.

5. Modify your tires.

Your tires give you plenty of customization options. Choose unique rims that improve your car’s look and take it a level up from the manufacturer’s design. Select from black, white, silver or chrome to draw attention to your rims.

Cars provide endless opportunities for customization. Show your personality by modifying the paint, changing the interior or by adding custom rims to your vehicle.


Mike said...

I agree that paint job should be done by pro, it is the first thing people see and if you want the job to be done quality, pay for it.

Dawn Preston said...

While the different ways given here on car customization are fairly easier, what more interests me is an engine performance modification. Something like a free flow exhaust, forged pistons, headers, high lift cams, performance air filters and spark plugs will surely make a stock car a firebreather. While most performance mods are illegal, but so is tampering with the license plate as well.
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