Car accidents are scary. The worst part is that they often occur when you least expect it. Being involved in a crash could mean living with permanent physical injury, psychological instability, or worse. Even when it is impossible to prevent a car accident from happening, there are ways to prepare yourself for the worst before it happens. Here are five things that you should be aware of, the next time you enter your vehicle.

1) Keep a notepad and pen in your glove box

It's always a great idea to have pencil and paper in the car because you never know what you might need to jot down. If you find yourself in a mess of metal and glass, record important bits of information so that the whole thing can be sorted out more quickly later. Document the time of the accident, the date, the location, and nearby businesses or landmarks. If you are involved in a crash with another vehicle, write down the license plate number, driver's license number, driver's name, and anything else you find to be important. All of this information can be very useful for rescue workers, law enforcement, legal workers, or anyone else who is called to the scene.

2) Ask witnesses what they saw

When two vehicles collide, it is usually the fault of one of those drivers and not both. Being blamed for an accident can have some unsavory consequences, like getting an increase in car insurance rates and not having the cost of the car damage covered by your insurance provider. To help get the story straight on your end, talk to bystanders to get their accounts of what happened. If you can have someone confirm your story in court, you should be in the clear.

3) Purchase car and health insurance if you don't already have it

If you don't have this "cushion" in place before the blow, you might find yourself in deep financial trouble. Having to pay for car damages out of your own pocket, and medical bills can become overwhelming. Be sure to look in depth at any insurance agency and what policies they can get for you.

4) Store a first aid kit in the car

Car crashes can cause minor to major physical trauma. You could suffer anything from a small scratch or bruise, to severe puncture wounds and lacerations. A first aid kit can be used to sanitize a wound, control the bleeding and more, keeping one on hand could mean the difference between life and death.

5) Have a car accident attorney on call

Car accident attorneys can be extremely helpful during your time of greatest need. These lawyers specialize in helping you get compensation for injuries and vehicle damage. You will find them to be of major assistance if you are involved in a major car accident. Find one easily by doing a local search like, “Car Accident Lawyer Pensacola”.
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