Well before I get to my point, I must tell you about how important are kids in our lives. I live in Lahore, Pakistan and enjoying my life with my parents. Currently, I am working with a Japanese used cars exporter. I have no sibling that means I am the only attraction of my parents in this world. That is way I faced many restrictions in my childhood. I was not allowed to go outside as commonly as my other friends could move and play different kind of games. Few months ago I had a negative feeling that why my parents were so strict or careful about me? But soon I found my answer through an incident.

Mr. Obaid is our neighbor living with his wife. They don’t have kids but the story wasn't the same 3 month ago. Mr. Obaid came to my home 4 months ago and asked me to suggest him a family or passenger car. I suggested him a car and they bought it after 15 days from my company’s showroom. As my social responsibility, I advised Mr. Obaid to keep all the precautions while driving a car including seat belt, door checks, wheels air etc. But He didn't paid attention to what I was talking about. In the first weekend after buying a car they went out for a picnic party to the nearest park. Mr. Obaid was driving, his wife was sitting on the back seat and a son with the age of 7 years was sitting on the 2nd front seat along with his daddy. The blunder my neighbor made that they didn't fastened the belt of their son and moreover the Mr. Obaid was driving at a speed of 75 to 80 miles per hour.

What happened was horrible and depressing. My neighbor’s car ran into a pickup truck and due to instant break, Mr. Obaid’s son came out from the front window by breaking it and died on the spot. That was really not worth telling what situation I saw there and in the hospital or in their house after the death of their beloved son.

But the question is that what made this accident to happen? What was the cause? Was it due to over speeding? Answer to all these questions is that only negligence made Mr. Obaid and his wife to live without their son.

Now, I am going to tell you about some precautionary measures or tips to keep your kid safe while driving and not to commit serious mistakes like Mr. Obaid did. Please have a glance on the tips below.

Car Safety Tips For Kids

1. Keep Your Younger Kid With You:

It is very important to keep the younger kid from 1 year to 6 or 8 years with you or if this is not possible then keep your kids at the backseat, install a child restraint (you can find anywhere in your local market) and fastened the belt.

2. Seat Belt (Double Check)

Fasten the seat belt of your kid and before moving, double check it because sometimes you do not pay attention in first time.

3. Lock The Doors  

It is very important to lock the back seat doors and try to keep your child away from the door lock because kids have the tendency to play with the door lock.

4. Turn off The Music Player And Car TV

I feel very bad about those people who have ruined their lives by losing their loved ones just due to some negligence. Car music and TV are some of the big attention grabbing objects. So, when driving a car, turn off your TV which is visible to the driver. It is recommended to lower the level of volume of music too because you have to listen every voice of your kid behind your seat.  

5. Keep Your Child Away From Airbag

Although airbag is for the safety yet it is only designed for the adults not for the children. They are very power full when inflated and they can injure a kid very badly. Airbag’s placement in the car is too low which can be a reason of suffocation. So, always place your child at the backseat.  

6. Don’t Keep Hard Things/Metal Along With Child Seat

Study tells that the child’s skin or body is more sensitive than an adult. So, don’t keep any hard thing or metal along with the child restraint or seat.  On the time of instant break or accident these things can make very dangerous damages to your child.

7. Always Pull Over When Kid Drops Something 

Survey found that very high percentage of people tries to pick up dropped things during driving which is very harmful. It is highly recommended to pull-over your car before picking up a dropped thing by your child.

8. Keep Small But Dangerous Things Away

It is experienced that people who smoke usually give their lighters to their child as a playing objects. This is very hard to believe but it happens. If you smoke and have a lighter so keep it with you and do not give it to your kid or do not keep it near to your child.

9. Keep Checking Your Kid 

  Don’t leave your child unattended. Children can do serious damage with themselves. So, keep checking your child by pulling over your car when at a long journey.

So, these were some of the important tips and precautionary measures during driving a car with a child.  I hope I have helped many family oriented people by writing this article. Kamran, the son of Mr. Obaid was just like a younger brother to me. I still remember that when I got a car in a reward to my promotion as a Marketing Manager, Kamran saw my car and said that I will also find an exporter of Japanese used cars, work with them and will get a car in a reward of my hard work.  I dedicate this article to him and I request all the parents to follow these instructions and tips to have a safe journey. You kids are your life so don’t ruin your life.

 Make it as happy and safe as you can with your children.


Audrey Brown said...

Well yes, your kids are the most precious wealth to you and you have to take care of your wealth. I pay my regards and deep love to the litthe boy Kamran who lost his life due tho the negligence of his parents. I also appriciate the one who realised and wrote that article to help some parents to travel as safely as they have to with there kids.

Muhammed Khan said...

@Audrey Brown
Thanks for taking your time and commenting over here. Secondly, as far as the purpose of the post is concerned its been published for the spread the message of safety that one should not neglect the requisites of safe and sound driving no matter what.

Jean Lou Laborte said...

Thank you for the informative post on professional detailing tips

Jasper Morison said...

That is what i call prolific sharing. I must say that you have helped many parents by posting this research oriented article.
Most of the time we forget or neglect the seat belt which is very important. I highly recommend parents to double check the selt belt atleast.

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