There is nothing holding you back from anything if you have the right travel insurance. That is the beauty of it. Yes it is one of those boring, bureaucratic chores that you will more likely feel the need to completely forget about when you are planning for the trip of a lifetime, but truth of the matter is, sometimes you have to eat your vegetables as well.

So this is what you are looking at: a big juicy steak that is the trip itself, and the side order of steamed vegetables that is the travel insurance. It is easy to just focus on the red meat since that is what you have been dying to sink your teeth into for a long time, but deep inside, you know that the vegetables are a necessary food group to meet the demands of acquired vitamins for your inner organs and your bloodstream.

Cheap travel insurance (or as the Danes say Billig rejseforsikring) is not sexy. Nobody is trying to sell it off as if it was. It is the sensible and mature thing to do. Now, you may consider yourself a bit of a rebel, but there is no contradiction between being smart and still being a rebel. The rebel in you will not lose face because you sign up for an adequate travel insurance, quite the contrary; the rebel in you will likely go down on hands and knees thanking you when push comes to shove and some tropical disease starts doing a number on your internal organs.

Now the fiscal issue may be another factor that weighs in when you are considering travel insurance. Maybe you are starting to get cold feet because you feel like signing up for an insurance plan may take a larger chunk out of your tightly knitted budget than you originally had planned for. Well as valid of a concern that is, you have to balance the risk against the potential damages in the future.

People that have gotten away medically Scot free when they have undertaken a longer journey are an exception to the rule, so the odds for you making it are not in your favor. Having solid travel insurance is an easy way of securing yourself a little bit of piece of mind as you venture into the unknown.

So considering this tasty dish of life that any type of travelling is, whether it is the fast food extraordinaire of an all-inclusive package or the stew of a long trip that has been left to gently brew so all the different ingredients have blended together in an explosion of tastes, you have to listen to the voice of your parents instilled into your backbone, saying that you are not allowed to leave the table until you have finished your vegetables as well.

There is nothing cool about risking it all and leaving without travel insurance, it is just a spur of the moment decision that may come back to haunt you for as long as you live.

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This article is written by Mark Neyton. He is curently living in Denmark with his family and he is a writer interested in various topics like finances, leasing, home improvement. If you want to find more information about Mark you can follow him on Twitter.
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