Car modification has been a recreational activity since the day first car was bought and with the passage of time, it has gained so much popularity that it has taken form of a separate industry where the car manufacturers are busy in creating high performance after market car parts. Now car modification is more popular among youth and teenagers. They are busy and regularly come up with new stunning ideas which leave us with our mouth wide open. Due to the over zealous state of mind of the youth and "Living On The Edge" nature of the art of car modification, people often compromise their safety and do not even refrain in challenging the legal authorities and violating and confronting the enacted laws pertaining to car modification.

Modifying cars can sure be regarded as an artistic activity which involves and requires great amount of creativity but putting your lives in danger and acting as a menace on the roads is not wise at all. We would discuss some safety mods and legal issues abiding by which will definitely make you a safe and sound citizen.

Car Safety Mods

When you modify and try to pimp your ride, many of them are performed to enhance the appearance and make it more presentable. But many car enthusiasts perform it to enhance the performance and efficiency of their cars. Obviously, enhancement of car's performance means more speed and definitely more risks attached to it. By applying the following safeguards, the performance enhancements is sure going to be safe.

Car Seat Belts:

Car seat belts are for you safety so when you modify the interior of the car its possible that you amend some of the settings which can possibly affect the performance of the seat belts. Make sure that seat belts are more efficient and the locking mechanisms are working properly. Make sure that whenever you wear the belt, the tension in it is intact or seat belts are of no use.

Installing Roll Cage:

Installing roll cage kits is sure a wise move especially when you are looking for some drags and drifts and street racing. Installing roll cage kits will ensure to a great extent in case of any misfortune occurs. You install these roll cage kits for better structural rigidity which acts as a supporting beam and are very protective in case of a crash. So ensure that the supplier of the roll cage kits are dependable and trusted.

Unexpected Fire Cases:

Unexpected fire cases often occur during high street end racing. When you are spending thousands on car modification we would advise you to at least have a hand held fire extinguisher at your disposal for your safety so fire suspension much easier.

Improve Car Braking:

In case when the tires, wheel rims and car body kit is modified, it sure leaves an impact on the car braking as the weight of the car is altered eventually. Make sure that your car braking mechanism is safe, sound, efficient and spot on as ever. Aligning the your car brakes to the safety rules is not an expensive job. Just make sure you have a good lock at your car brakes cooling mechanism and confirm that the brake pads cool quickly. Furthermore, just have a good look at brake shoes (pads), brake fluids, drilled disks e.t.c.

Implications Of Tire Change:

Tire change improves your car handling and ground clearance but in some cases they work otherwise. So ensure that you pay some considerations towards this aspect and replace your tires with the compatible ones which enhances the road grip and are also effective on wet tracks. Using tires specific for racing purposes and also keep an eye on the optimum pressure of your tires to ensure better road grip, traction and ultimately, safety.


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Safety is important. Check your car all around to see if there are damages. Lighting is also important during a drive at night.

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