You have just bought your first new car and the car has been shipped to you. The majority of people are extremely excited about getting a new, clean car. However after several days, a new car gets dirty easily due to driving it so much.  Due to this, you must immediately clean your car to help keep that new look it had when you first received it.

Listed below are some ways on how to keep your car clean and the new look intact:
1. Wash your car in the shade.
   The first thing is that you will want to be certain you wash your car in a shady area or be certain to towel dry it to avoid water stains as this will occur very easily.  

2. Loosen debris with water. 

    You will need to spray your car with water and this will help loosen or dissolve the dirt on your car. Remember to never use a sponge on your car because it leaves tiny particles on it that may be hard to remove once it dries up. Additionally, it can also scratch the car paint.

3. Use high quality cleaning solutions.

    Only use high quality car cleaning solutions on your car when you wash it due to the fact some car cleaning solutions can damage your car paint. It is certainly better that you choose a high quality car wash. It is a great idea to do some research and read some reviews on what car solutions are the highest quality.

4.    Use a cotton cloth.
    Next, clean your car using the car cleaning solution and a damp cotton cloth as an applicator. After that, rinse your car well and let it dry. You can also use a dry cotton cloth to dry it up.

5.    Vacuum the interior.

    When it comes to cleaning the interior of your car, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt on your car carpet and car seat. You can also use a dry cotton cloth to finish the job and help your car look its best.

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Desking tool said...

Too keep avoiding scratches and unwanted marks on your car. These are some nice tips.

ISC Coilovers said...

We have to be careful even in washing our cars. One reckless and careless move sometimes can cause big troubles. Try to make sure your cleaning your car in a spacious area.

saad said...

@ Desking Tool : Thanks for the compliment.

@ ISC Coilovers : Absolutely right, when having car wash, one must remain very careful or instead of cleaning your car, it can create scratches on it.

B&G Suspension said...

We also have to be careful about the cleaning solutions we use. It may create damages to your car's paint job horribly.

hot rod air ride said...

Very helpful. I just bought a new car last month and I've been going from blog to blog to learn some tips.

Muhammed Khan said...

@hot rod air ride
That's great. Now just hope you follow these car tips in order to keep it well maintained.

Air Ride Parts said...

This is a perfect solution for car washing. You also need some nice and reliable tools to use in brushing, scrubbing and wiping the body of your car.

Muhammed Khan said...

@Air Ride Parts

Well Said. However some more advice about these reliable car wash tools would've been even more helpful to our readers. Anyways, thanks for commenting.

Chevy HHR cold air intake said...

I know that there are advantages and disadvantages of using cleaning solutions. Anyone got a better recommendation I could use for a cleaning solution?

CGS cat back exhaust said...

Surely there are a lot of things to do this steps but these tips really are the basic ones. One cannot advance without basic skills to continue to improve - even in car washing.

Duncan Moredock said...

Uhm, cleaning the muffler pipes and the exhaust improves engine performance. Not only will that keep your car clean, doing so will also help the environment. :)

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