You can get excellent business car hire deals in Australia if you know where to look. Car hire can be a great alternative to regular car ownership, particularly if you’re doing a lot of traveling and don’t want to carry the costs and risks of wear and tear on your own vehicle. It’s also deductible, meaning you’re making a bit extra on your travels. The trick is to compare car hire deals and actively hunt for the best.

Car hire issues

When you hire a car for business purposes, you need to consider all your needs before you spend a cent. Do you need?

  •  A big vehicle for transporting sales materials? 
  •  A luxury car?
  •  A good reliable car you’ve driven before, just a more recent model?
  •  An off-road vehicle?
  •  A good city runabout?
  •  A car that can double for business and domestic use?
  •  A van? 
  •  Automatic or manual?
  •  How many passengers?
Finding a good car rental site

These basics are really all you need to find your preferred car. Some online searching will find you a range of options, but- You can get a much better deal by being picky. The best business car hire companies in Australia are the major league companies like Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, Redspot and Europcar. These companies can provide you with any type of vehicle you need and standardized competitive rates. Now some very good news- The best Australian car rental sites include specialist sites which act as booking agents for the big car hire firms. These sites will give you a range of selections of types of car, prices and car hire companies. The best of these websites also provide a “cheapest” option, and can find the car you want for the lowest price. That’s good for the budget, and it also simplifies your search for the right car. If, for example, you want a luxury SUV with a lot of space for your materials, lots of features and good performance, you select your car from the range of options and the website then checks for the best deals in this range. You can find yourself with a great SUV to drive and a discount offer which cuts a lot off your net outlay. You can also get extras like optional insurance, baby seats if you need them and other features, so you’ve got everything you need laid on, with no need to go looking for these things. The websites also provide customer service, so if you’ve got questions you can get all the answers you need with an email. The national car hire companies have another big advantage- You can pick up and drop off your hire car anywhere in the country. If, for instance, your itinerary is taking you around the country, you can simply arrange to pick up your car from the designated place by your car hire in Melbourne and drop it off in Brisbane and fly home. This is very simple, very convenient, hassle-free car hire at its best. Before you do anything, check out and compare car hire deals. You’ll save time and money, and get the best deals available.


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You posted a nice topic here. Those are some of the questions you need to ask yourself in renting a car. For me, I would choose a car that I am comfortable with. This is to make things run with ease and comfort.

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For business it is best to rent a car. Very useful and economical

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