10 Useful Tips for Efficient Fuel Consumption

Efficient fuel consumption is not only obtained by buying a multiple car or suitable expensive tracking devices. All of us can and should include a little yet efficient method for decreasing our petrol intake not only to convenience our pouches, but also for the common benefit of the restricted natural supplies.

Below are the ten useful tips that tell you how to save fuel that are proven to conserve your funds on fuel intake and ensure efficient fuel consumption of your car.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

1.) Do not speed

Remember your mom keeps telling you about this protection measure? This advice must follow and is helpful in decreasing the petrol consumption too. Whenever you speed up your vehicle or slow down, your engine takes a lot of more petrol or fuel than the situations had you not changed the speed. Resistance of wind increases at high speeds, leading to low mileage.

2.) Regularly Check your wheel pressure

This needs to be consistently examined for your car. Wheels lose air over a time period and under-pressured tires have high resistance, which means more resistance will consume more fuel. So know the exact pressure for your tires and make sure that you maintain them regularly.

3.) Servicing the engine

Engine lights are present purposefully. It would be useless if it were to go on and suddenly off just before a complete stop. There are numbers of plugs and valves present that could continuously keep the lighting goes on. You keep on stand to save the miles lost just because of defective parts and also avoid the chances of getting trapped in the center of nowhere just due to impaired engine. So keep a regular check on the maintenance of your engine. 

4.) Better to drive with the windows down & the A/C off

Fresh air is excellent for health and also for decreasing the fuel intake. Keep doing this unless you are passing on the highway where windows down would make more resistance. But try to drive on the roads with open windows.

5.) Try to avoid driving on rough roads

Rough or damaged roads are very dangerous for your car body parts, and it also require more fuel to run on that way. Also avoid driving on crowded places and change your way if possible to a straight road to avoid traffic and traffic lights which forces to change of gears constantly. This will also decrease the fuel intake considerably.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

6.) Place cargo in the vehicle to make it Smooth

Aerodynamics is the basic aspects while considering fuel consumption. While putting cargo in vehicles or cars make sure to fit it inside to decrease the air resistance and improve aero dynamicity. If you have a convertible, you can see the tremendous improvement in mileage while driving.

7.) Keep your car neat and clean from inside and outside

Be particular with the cleanliness of your car. While cleaning your car, remove all the extra cargo that contributes the extra weight to your car. This may look small but even a single addition of 40 lbs can eliminate off many kilometers from a gallon. During winter season, before driving, just remove the icicles. A few icy layers can easily add 50 lbs. So, it’s better to be organized.

8.) Turn off your car engine at every possible places

A survey has analyzed that if you have to stop at any place for more than 30 seconds then you will be beneficial if you turn off your car. Traffic lights, grocery and laundry pickups, ATM are some of the places where you can do this.

Efficient Fuel Consumption

9.) Choose a car according to your needs

Big cars are not only funny but it consumes a lot of fuel or one can say it’s a gas guzzlers. Investing on these cars is beneficial only if it fulfils your needs. Otherwise small cars are better and of low cost but gives more mileage.

10.)  Avoid Un-necessary driving.

Probably this will prove as the best tip yet for fuel saving. Don’t feel shy to walk on the near visiting areas like laundry, ATM, or parks. Give your car a rest by avoid taking it to near-by places. With congested zones or traffic jam areas, it is always beneficial to take public transport to reduce stress and also reducing your fuel consumption.

Incorporate all the above described tips in your daily life and this will benefit you from money saving to low stress level.

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