McLaren Launches the MP4-12C Spider

The famous Grand Prix winner company launches yet another top open car --- The MP4-12C Spider. This latest Mclaren 12C has the same innovations and made by the best engineers the company has. This the 134th model of the company and they are very proud of it.

This super cool 12C Spider comes with:-

•    Hard top folding roof which is retractable
•    The roof can be lowered and put up in 17 seconds at 19mph speed. Removing the roof does not  interfere in your drive.
•    The structure has a chassis made up of carbon mono cell. It is light weight which only weighs 75 kilograms.
•    In just 3.1 seconds you can reach 70mph and goes upto 330kilometers per hour.
•    You would love to hear the engine roar of a V8 engine
•    The feel you get when the roof is not there, is just wow. You enjoy the drive and the breeze around.
•    The best and the most attractive part of the spider is the seats and the panel and the cockpit area. The seats are so set that the driver has a clear view of the car form the front.
•    The interiors some so comfortable and very stylish. The steering has been designed for maximum ergonomics.
•    The 12C Spider has a 3.8 litre V8 engine.
•    The performance of the car depends a lot on the weight of the car. The engineers at the manufacturing company have really kept in mind this aspect. The roof is built from some light weight material making it the lightest convertible.
•    The brake force is towards the inner rear wheel. This enhances the performance of the car towards the corners.
•    The spider has a drag upto 80kgs and ensures a weight distribution of 50:50 even while applying heavy brakes.
•    The spider has a suspension which is hydraulic and interconnected. This gives the driver a drive which is comfortable on the road and the race. The spider has a proactive chassis control and adaptive damping for a smooth drive at a high speed.

An interesting thing is that the features and the technology present in the 12C Spider are similar to the Formula 1 of Mclaren were banned for the race. But these are allowed on the road and the track rules do not apply on the road.

Anyone who loves style, speed and luxury would love to ride a Mclaren 12C Spider.

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Stephan said...

Awesome design...>>!! cool car I have to say this is probably one of the best car designs from McLaren. Besides the look,the car has got some awesome specifications like it can achieve a speed of 70 mph in about 3.1 seconds. It also claims to have a top speed of 330 kilometers per hour.

Muhammed Khan said...

Thanks for sharing this extra information about Mclaren MP4 - 12C Spider.

Jean Lou Laborte said...

having this such informative blog is so helpful. thanks for posting professional detailing tips..

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