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Honda Brio Sedan - Front Seats

Honda has been spearheading the efforts to come up with a car better suited for the Indian automobile market in the face of the rising petrol prices. And their announcement of plans to introduce about three or four diesel variants in their sedan and compact utility vehicle in the country has had everyone quite excited. Honda India has already got done with the launch of the Honda Brio AT, it is said that the diesel cars will be launched over a period of about two – three years; but the company has already started working on the cars, which became evident when they announced that their first diesel-fuelled car in India will be built on the Honda Brio platform. They further added to the excitement when they put teasers on Honda Thailand's official website.

And now we have a fresh set of pictures and details on the subject since Honda invited media persons to preview the cars testing in Thailand. Reports have it that the Honda Brio sedan is geared up for an official launch in Thailand in the next month. Following the sedan's launch in Thailand, India will then receive its diesel version in addition to the slated petrol version, which is already under development and has been produced locally. 

As it has been gathered, the Brio sedan will share a bunch of features with its hatchback version except the longer wheel-base and the addition to its rear-end. The Honda Brio sedan's wheelbase will be 2407mm long, whereas it’s overall length will measure a total of 3990mm. The car's width and height will remain the same as that of the Honda Brio hatchback with the width of 1,680mm and a height of 1,485mm. Given the longer wheelbase, it is obvious that the car will offer greater room for the rear seat passengers, which will further add to the comfort-level expected out of a sedan. In addition to this, a less than 4-meters length provides greater excise duty benefits, meaning a more competitive price. However, no change was observed in the front seats, which means that their aesthetics will remain similar to the one found in the Brio hatchback. Though Honda is the kind who goes all out on innovation, this similarity may be an attempt by the company to save both, time and cost. Besides that, it is not yet known whether Honda will change the dashboard and the door trim shades to establish a firm difference between the Honda Brio sedan and the Honda Brio hatchback. 

Moving over to the engine specs of the newest Honda car that Thailand is set to receive, it will be a 1.2-litre petrol mill. It offers a power output of 90bhp and has been mated to Honda's CVT transmission in order for the car to be able to deliver a decent mileage. However, the Indian automobile market will receive the sedan fitted with a 1.5-litre diesel engine in addition to the 1.2-litre petrol version that will be offered in Thailand. That allows us to conclude that the Brio sedan will either deliver a similar or better mileage than the car's mileage in Thailand. For now, the diesel version of the Brio sedan is expected to deliver about 25kmpl.

And as for the chassis and suspension, the suspension will be the same as found in the hatchback, but only in the rear. The front suspension will sport hardened coil springs in order to support the additional rear and also the extended wheelbase. Honda officials claim that the sedan adds only 26kg to its weight as compared to the hatchback, and is just 0.1 seconds slower in reaching 100kmph.  

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