Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Modified Car

Unlike selling a traditional used car, putting a modified car on the market can be a whole new ballgame. However, when approached correctly, selling a modified car can result in much higher profits. Getting cash for cars is a game that essentially comes down to advertising and presentation strategies. Individuals selling and buying traditional used cars can mainly rely on prices that are close to the Kelley Bluebook value. On the other hand, a modified vehicle must speak for itself.

One of the most important things to do is to accurately represent your vehicle, and show it in the best light possible. Presentation starts with attention to detail. Detail the entire car. The little things can add up quickly, easily resulting in a price difference of hundreds of dollars. Clean the engine with degreaser, add a layer of vinyl protectant to all plastic surfaces, and steam clean the appropriate interior surfaces. Love can equal value.

Changes and upgrades should be included in any advertisements taken out on the vehicle. It may be hard to list all of the modifications in a single ad. Be sure that you also keep a detailed list of any modifications that you have made to the vehicle to present to potential customers. Each change, no matter how small, can raise the value of the car. When possible, keep receipts or any form of documentation for your upgrades. All changes may not be readily visible. The receipts also verify the expense that was incurred as the car was upgraded. If the original parts of the car are in your possession, then include those in the package. Buyers may not be thrilled with every modification. However, they may be interested in restoring certain aspects of the car. The attractiveness of the offer may be based on the good condition of the vehicle itself.

Attempting to get cash for cars can be difficult. You often run into extremely saturated markets. Where you advertise can make a huge difference. It is vital that you try to reach your likely customer base. Modified cars will attract car enthusiasts. These are the people that like to get under the hood and get their hands dirty. The Internet is full of message boards, clubs, and websites geared directly at these types of people. Begin advertising on resources such as these for a higher success rate. Advertising to well-informed customers also increases the likelihood that you can get a fair price for the vehicle. The Internet is also a great resource because advertising can usually be done for free, depending on the site. It is also wise to avoid putting all the eggs in one basket. Advertise in as many places as you can. Use Craig's List, newspaper “Auto-Trader” sections, classifieds, and any other form of media at your disposal. Do not fail to neglect the appearance of the car as well. Use pictures where possible, and put the detail work to use.

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Jeremy said...

Selling a modified car can be tricky enough. It depends a lot on your presentation skills and also people who share your same mindset mostly.Most people prefer their vehicles in their factory settings. If you are smart enough to convince a person to buy your car, your work is done. But you need to put an extra bit of heart into the task because convincing a potential client to accept your modifications isn't that easy a task.

Muhammed Khan said...

Exactly! and that is what the point of our author is...

Jean Lou Laborte said...

having this such informative blog is so helpful. thanks for posting professional detailing tips..

Dawn Preston said...

This write-up has changed my mindset towards modified cars to a great extent. Before I read this, I had a discrimination between modified and stock cars which are in the market. Usually factory (stock) cars attract more consumers than modified/altered vehicles - this was my mindset before. If we keep these points in mind, then performance cars can be sold quite easily.
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