Honda Remix Small Sports Concept

The American Honda Motor Co. Inc. showed up with its new Honda Remix Small Sports concept at the Los Angeles auto show. The Remix's design is based on two-seat sports car where the Honda Motors has focused on comfort and has tried to make sure that its really "fun to drive" while you are in the new Honda Remix.

The new Honda Remix focuses on aggressive and masculine nature of styling where the whole concentration is laid upon the "youth
niche". The critics feel that the style and performance of the car gives the feel of fighter-jet to the driving experience. The aluminium-color exterior makes every line and curve even more prominent. Unlike other sports car where space is not given much concern, the Honda Remix Small Sports Concept also has rear storage area which supplies generous cargo room.

John Mendel, Senior Vice President of Honda Motor Co., Inc. says, "Pure Honda to the core, the Remix Concept vehicle focuses on a simple, lightweight and fun to drive philosophy. The concept balances sports car virtues with real-world practicality."

The specific features of Honda Remix small sports concept includes front-wheel drive small car platform with a 4-cylinder engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. A sports suspension, with aggressive tires and brakes, enhances its performance even more. The Honda Remix has been designed by the Honda R&D Americas, Inc., in the advanced design studio of Southern California.

According to Ben Davidson, The Remix's lead designer, the remix blends familiar Honda theme in to a new, fresh design. Smooth and fluid surfaces provides a sports car identity to the geometric shapes that form the functional aspect of this vehicle.

The Remix incorporates smooth design with its perfect geometric shape which depicts the futuristic, unique and sporty style of the new Honda Remix Small Sports Concept.


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