Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Nissan releases black edition of its world famous GT-R. This one's a really pimped one and you don't see this epicoften on the street. The new Nissan GT-R Black Edition is so rare that the entire Europe has to content with only 480 units.

The new GT-R has been modified with an impressive Engine Control Unit ( ECU ) and a new special exhaust pipe.However 2 cats and middle silencer has been removed. These modifications help the GT-R to achieve a massive horse power of 580bhp and produces an impressive 700 Nm torque.

The new Nissan GT-R Black Edition's body kit has been aggressively designed giving it a whole new hot look and one can feel the rage and power inside the machine by just observing the exterior.

Following are the parts and accessories, embedded in the GT-R for its modification. Just have a look how much theyhave spent to give this car an aggressive look:

The matt black foliation (2,499 Euro)
- the lowering via coil overs (1,299 Euro)
- Exhaust pipe (998 Euro)
- Black painted 20? wheels (999 Euro)
- Wheel spacers (340 Euro)
- Individually painted parts like the front bumper, the rear diffusor, air vents, tinted windows.

Information source: Japanese Sports Car


Jackie said...

The Nissan GT-R! I want one! Too bad I'm short on cash... When I said short, I meant SHORT. It's my dream car. I'm tired of just driving it in video games.

Anyway, those are nifty features right there. No wonder the price is like that. Since I don't have cash, I think I'll just buy from the Indianapolis used car lot I found the other day. Maybe I'll find myself a great car there. If not, I can still look all over Indianapolis. Used cars for sale here are as good as when they're bought new, so I think it's okay if I bought a used one.

Jean Lou Laborte said...

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Ryan Bhan said...

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