As soon as one enters the New Year, all the auto enthusiasts wait for all the auto maker giants to launch the best of all cars. Due to the soaring rates of petrol, the demands for diesel cars too have been on the rise recently.

In order to meet these rising demands of the car buyers, the Japanese auto giant Hyundai and the US auto giant General Motors have planned big to launch the hatchback of i10 and the refreshed sedan Chevrolet Sail respectively, powered by diesel engines. On the other hand, the market leader of India, Maruti Suzuki being in direct competition, introduced the all new revived diesel version of Wagon R.

After a lot of postponing in terms of the launch, Chevrolet Sail is one of the most anticipated cars in the Indian market. Likely to hit the Indian roads in 2013, US auto giant has put in much effort in order to cater to the diesel demands in the Indian market. Appearing to be strong and muscular looks-wise, this capable diesel sedan by the US auto giant General Motors, has been successful in becoming the eye candy of many car buyers in the Indian market.

Being powered by a 1.3L TDI engine, the all new Chevy Sail will be encountering one of the established and distinguished sedans like Toyota Etios, Honda Amaze and Tata Indigo face to face. It is being rumored that the refreshed Chevy Sail will probably be the best replacement for the present edition of Chevrolet Aveo. Being available in the diesel variant, the all new Chevy Sail stands a grand chance to be the best car to buy in the diesel variant category.

As a result of an instant reaction, Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest auto maker has launched the all new edition of its best selling Wagon R. The all new refreshed Wagon R comes with an introductory price tag of 3.58 lacs. Being one of the best selling cars of Maruti Suzuki India and the top model of the company, the all new edition of Wagon R will be a bit costlier by a margin of just 10,000 bucks.

Boasting to be 8 percent more fuel efficient, the all new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is likely to average a maximum mileage of more than 20 kilometers per liter. As compared to the 15.3 kilometers per liter of the outgoing model, the current model’s mileage way impressive. As for the fuel options, the new Wagon R will be made available in petrol variant, CNG and LPG variant. The much expected diesel edition is likely to hit the Indian market soon in near future.

Refusing to be the spectator, Hyundai Motors India too rolled out its special version of the much famed hatch, i10. Currently trending and famed as i-Tech, the special edition was introduced in March 2013. Being available in 1.1L and 1.2L diesel powered engine variants, the all new i-Tech will be tagged with a starting price of 4.25 lacs.

As the demands for best diesel cars in India keeps soaring, every auto giant will keep working hard in order to provide the buyers with the best car to buy in the market. Offering such assorted option of cars, it will be fascinating to see which of these cars will be best car to buy in India, eventually.

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