In these times, having a car is a need rather than a want. We all need our own cars so we have something to use whenever we need to run some errands and attend to life's emergencies. With lots of cars available, you can surely find the latest brands at its best quality most especially if we are looking for a stylish or a brand new model with a cost-effective feature. These cars are popularly known as fuel-efficient cars. To get the latest of these cars, scroll down below.

The 5 Best Fuel Efficient Modern Cars 

· Mitsubishi i

This is the best fuel-efficient car out in the market today. It is labeled as the "Greenest Vehicle of 2012". This vehicle is said to let you drive around for just 3.6 cents per mile. Does the car you have right now do it for you? This electric vehicle will surely give you zero emissions, no sound while driving, no tailpipe, nothing but just a clean and green drive anywhere you want to.

· Toyota Prius c One

This brand is Toyota's smallest hybrid vehicle to date. It is also its best-seller in the category. You can surely get great features this car has to offer for everybody. While using the vehicle around town it gets 53 mpg, while on the other hand when you use it on the highway, it gets 46 mpg. When full-tank, you can travel this car for approximately 475 miles.

· Nissan Leaf

What's great about this vehicle is that it has lowered down it charge time from eight hours to just 4 hours. It surely gives you less charge time in times you needed to use this on your emergency cases. Its new features have reduced drags, longer driving distance, and an improved efficiency of the vehicle. Despite the fact that Nissan created a negative effect out of the previous version of the Nissan Leaf, consumers won't surely be unsatisfied with the new and improved version of the model this year.

· Honda Fit EV

If you want to have a vehicle with a fast-charging feature, then this is the best that you could ever find. For just three-hours of charging, you can already use its battery in full. Another thing is that, for a 100-mile drive, you can drive it for 29-kilowatt per hour. You can take advantage of its driving modes like normal, eco, and sport modes. If style is what you are looking for, then this vehicle will not surely disappoint you. It's exterior has a colour of Reflection Blue Pearl, just fit for any vehicle enthusiasts.

· Chevrolet Volt

This vehicle has a five-door hatchback and a front wheel drive. It's charging time depends on the type of volt outlet you use. If you are using the 120-volt outlet, then charging time is between ten to twelve hours. On the other hand, if you are using a 240-volt outlet, it will have a faster charging time of only four hours. It's design is just right for those looking for a spacious interior. Overall, Chevrolet is still one of the best fuel-efficient cars you can have today.

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